If there's one thing I've been thinking about since before I moved, it has got to be how my bar cart is going to look in my first apartment. There's something about the allure, magic and enchantment of seeing beautiful glasses sparkling in the light and thinking about all the different possibilities cocktail recipe wise.

I've been slowly but surely building this bar cart in my head and in my room at my dads house for years and now that it's a reality for me, it seems insane. When I turned 21 (seven years ago - eeeeek), and I started going out to bars and having drinks at restaurant, I started discovering what I loved and what I didn't when it comes to taste in alcohol.

As a child of an alcoholic, alcohol never felt taboo to me like it may for others in my situation. I always knew that if I was going to have a drink, I needed to be responsible. At the same time, if I wasn't drinking, I should be responsible too. That's why I spent a lot of time being a DD, making sure my friends were okay and slowly introducing my brother to the world of drinking, going out and being responsible for himself when he turned 21.

Because I did it this way, I felt so good about having the confidence to show people what it was like being the child of an alcoholic. There's a stigma, believe me, but I definitely nailed that one into the ground. I can't wait to continue to experience different restaurants with different drinks and teach myself how to make my own at home. This bar cart is the start of that.

Is the bar cart perfect? Absolutely not. Is the bar cart overcrowded? Yes definitely. I definitely don't claim to have the perfect set up here, but I can't imagine would it would be like to love this bar cart more (unless it was more full on the bottom bahahah). Anyway! Let's a take tour.

The top shelf has always been where I've wanted to store bar and glassware. It took me some time to find what I wanted to stock her and I sourced it from all different places. It will be a little difficult to say exact brands of things though, because a lot of things are from Marshalls. 

These tumblers were a gift from my sweet friend Diana (HI DDDDD). I was shopping with her one day in this darling shop in New York called Fishs Eddy. If you like beautiful glassware, culture, politics, puns, and just generally fun things, you will most definitely find something you love in there. These glasses were something I saw and just knew I wanted almost immediately. They are a new addition to my bar cart though because I didn't purchase them for myself, Diana did! Thanks D!

These glasses I fell in love with immediately when is saw them. They're pretty much a cross between a cordial glass and a coupe glass. I, being a champagne girl myself, just imagine myself sipping something like Veuve and St. Germain with a splash of soda or something. Bliss. I've picked these up on one of my many trips to TJ Maxx.

These are super special to me because they are the first things that I purchased about four-ish years ago related to my bar cart. I had been thinking for so long before I bought them about how I wanted to style the bar cart, and then finally decided to start "putting thoughts of a bar cart out into the universe" by purchasing them. Okay Brit, keep telling yourself that, that's why you bought them. They're gorgeous, let's just be honest. I got them from Marshalls.

These were another early purchase when I decided on rose gold and metallics/metals for my theme on the bar cart. I am just in love at how well they marry together on the cart itself. I just thought these silver martini glasses specifically were the most amazing things I've ever seen. I remember being served a martini in one once while out and knew I just had to have one for my own bar cart. Who knew I'd ever actually find them at TARGET. Yes, the motherland. The gold, stemless wine glasses and moscow mules mugs were also Target finds that I was beyond thrilled for as they partnered perfectly with the stainless steel martini glasses.  I liked how the mule mugs were different than the originals. I love a classic moscow mule mug, but these - ugh, let's just take a moment. ___________

This shaker is incredible. I picked it up at TJ Maxx in the city one day and fell in love immediately. It was the rose gold/copper top that got me. I just knew it was going to match perfectly with the rest of everything on the cart. The wine decanter I saw in Target and knew I had to have it for two reason: the old school charm, and the wooden ball on top.

The bowls that say hooray and celebrate are another sweet gift from Diana from when I moved into my apartment! I love them so much, they of course match with the rest of the cart. Just love them!

The palm tree light was a gift from my father last year for Christmas. Little did I know that it was going to be the perfect addition to my bar cart. Let it also be known that Diana gifted me a pink flamingo light as well, you can kind of see it in the first picture!

All of these little accessories including the jigger and cocktail strainer are from Target as well. What can I say? I'm a Target worshipper. I think I was sold so quickly on the rose gold opener with the marble bottom because it is ME in a nutshell. The Cheers opener was actually in the dollar spot, how does it get any better than that?

The actual bar cart itself is actually from, you guessed it, Target. I thought so long and so hard about which one I actually wanted and it came down to this and trying to make my mind up from about 3 others on Amazon, Wayfair and Overstock. It's gold with this leather detailing on the handle and it's perfect.

I've been waiting for the perfect time to share this bar cart with you, but it just felt right in 2018 for some reason! I'm so excited. I can't wait to make additions and take things out, change things up. It's going to be really cool to see how this changes and evolves with my taste. Leave some comments and tweet me some suggestions for great cocktail recipes/books with cocktail recipes in them! Thank you for reading. Xoxo-Brit.

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