If you're from Chicago, you juuuuuust might be cringing your entire way through this post. Maybe you wont? I don't know.

Either way, YES! CHICAGO! I cannot believe I have finally gone. Earlier in September, I took a short trip, literally 12 hours long, for work purposes. I didn't have any time, at all, to spend in actual Chicago. The client I was there to visit was 2.5 hours south of Chicago. That being said, my schedule was: Fly there, rent car directly from airport, drive 2.5 hours to client, have 4 hour meeting, drive 2.5 hours back, fly back home.

This time around, it was another work trip. I was sad it wasn't for fun, but thankful to be traveling again. It's so weird that I haven't been on a plane in about 10 years and I had finally done it again and two times in one month. Being that it was for work, there was a ton of stuff that we had to get done and we BARELY had time to do anything fun, but we found a couple of things to do.

I'm so excited to share some photos from the trip with you. If you're following me on Instagram you may have seen some of these already, but there are a few I haven't posted. Like I said, if you live in the city or are from there, you may just be cringing because these things are so "touristy" I'm sure. Anyway! Let's get on to the photos.

So let me start by saying that my company's office is in a stunning location. The first photo was snapped directly from the Magnificent Mile out on the street in front of my office's building. The second snap is a view from inside the window a couple of floors up in a lounge area. I can't believe it.

It's hard to believe the feeling I had when I was standing on the Magnificent Mile taking that first picture. For the longest time, I had it in my head that I wanted to go to Chicago, but I never thought that I would really get there. Traveling is a huge deal for me, specifically because it (traveling) has never really been in the cards. I was overwhelmed with excitement and it honestly made me think about so many different things when I was standing there.

I do work a lot with restaurants, it was mainly the reason for the trip. 

The first photo above is one from a restaurant called Whisk in Chicago it was Ron Swanson inspired and super cool. Every single little decor piece had something to do with Ron and being that he is as much into bacon as I am, we have a special connection. I've been a fan of Parks & Rec. since day one so to see something like this materialize in real life was pretty cool. I didn't get a chance to eat there, but I hope that next time we return, I do!

Secondly, there are photos from a restaurant called Beatnik Chicago. I can't describe how cool I felt just by walking into this place. The vibe was "goth club." The decor was incredible and the candles were probably my favorite part. Again, we stopped in here quickly and I didn't get to hang out or try the drinks/food, but it sure is another place I want to try out when we go back.

Being that we've been eating really healthy lately, it did make me cringe breaking the diet. I must be honest though, I was NOT going to leave Chicago without having deep dish pizza. This is literally something I have DREAMED about. With every Uber we took, we asked each driver and each store associate in the area what the actual authentic pizza of Chicago is (because everyone blames to be IT). A couple of people told us it was Lou Malnati's and that's where we ended up. It was pretty good! I honestly feel like there is better though. Is that controversial?  

Also near our office is this place called Beacon Tavern. We saw the place, but didn't think we were originally going to have time to go, so it was placed on the back burner. When we asked the concierge in our building for lunch recommendations, she said that the Beacon Tavern was pretty quick lunch service and it was the first one she listed.

I am so happy she did recommend that we go. We were busy, but happy to be eating. This was an awesome dish. It was a grilled chicken breast on top of a zoodles salad with red pepper, tomatoes, mint and burrata. It was shockingly incredible. The refreshing aspect of the mint with the heat of the peppers was a nice juxtaposition.

Another spot I wanted to try while in Chicago was RPM. Giuianna Rancic and Bill Rancic started RPM in Chi and they also have a steakhouse. I have been following them both for a long time and I love them as business people. When I found out I was going to Chicago, I knew I wasn't going to have time to visit the actual restaurant, I was happy to find the restaurant was in the delivery zone to our hotel.

I had a burrata and heirloom salad with incredible dressing. It was after a long day and at 11pm, so it tasted that much better. Next time I'm there, definitely giving the restaurant a try.

We also stopped into the Nutella cafe. As you read previously, we are trying to eat healthy and being that we ate pizza while we were there, we wanted to take it easy on the Nutella. Cannot lie though, totally wanted to eat almost everything. Who wouldn't? It's a damn Nutella cafe. Next time!

If you follow me (on Instagram or here or really anywhere), you'll know I'm a flower girl. Every single instance I have, I take photos of flowers. The first two are of flower beds on North Michigan and the second one is in front of a library near The Bean.

Part of the reason we were in Chicago was for a fashion show actually! Latino Fashion Week was going on at Block 37 and we were able to attend. It was a really cool experience. The first shot was of the press area right before you entered the cocktail hour. 

The second photo and perhaps the more entertaining photo because of my expression,  is of me in a moment of realization. The realization is that I looked like a second grade teacher going to fashion show. Being that the trip was kind of rushed, I didn't have a real chance to pack. Luckily I at least had somewhat of a heel with me, but I will not lie I was very self conscious of this outfit at a FASHION SHOW.

I saw the Chicago Tribune building and immediately had to snap a picture. I have such an affinity for newsrooms, obviously. We also saw this "Love Me" mural on the side of one of the buildings near our office. Going to the murals is another thing I cannot wait to do next time we go back. I am so sad we didn't get a chance to actually go and take photos at any of them (especially the one with the flamingoes).

FINALLY. LAST BUT NOT LEAST. THE FREAKING BEAN. Talk about goals. I cannot believe I was at The Bean. I literally sent a million snapchats, face timed my dad, freaked out. I definitely don't feel like I had enough time there. I wanted to stand there for like a good hour and take pictures from every angle. I got bothered with a work issue while there so that was a bit frustrating, but all the more reason I must go back to fully experience it!

Sadly that's really all she wrote. I was so upset to leave, I didn't want to go. I loved it so much there and was so happy I actually had a chance to visit a couple of things. I am (and have been) making my list for the next visit and I hope we can accomplish even more! One of those things? The Sears Tower!

Have any recommendations for me next time I visit? Please let me know in the comments below or Tweet them to me! Thank you for reading. Xoxo-Brit. 

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