As you may have read, I’m at it again. Yes folks, I’m on the healthy eating train again. Ironically enough, I’m also physically on a train at the current moment while I type this. Why was that important to include? I don’t know, I just felt it to be. Also, peep the motivational "skinny pics" above.

Anyway! I thought it important to talk about a couple of things OTHER THAN MY WEIGHT that I hope improve over the course of this journey. It’s been three days of under 1200 calorie intake and I know that some may say it’s not healthy to eat under 1500/day, but this has worked for me in the past and I know it to be a method that just works with my body. (So boo hoo to all the nay sayers - did I spell that right?)

My Skin // If you know me well, I’ve been battling terrible skin all of my life. You’ll know that I have eczema and you’ll know that it’s taking its course all over my body in various different forms. It started on my hands as a kid. Every winter it would reappear, it was painful. In my late teens it started to appear not as much (but still visible) on my hands, and then on my face. Into my twenties it stayed steady appearing every winter onto my face and that’s where it’s at now. But in one more area too! My legs!

Now I’m not saying eating healthy is going to cure eczema, I’m not saying that at all. But what I will say, is maybe it will help calm my skin a little bit. There’s a lot of dryness there too, in addition to my eczema, so that’s the point I’m trying to make. I think if I’m consistent with hydration and taking care of myself, it’s not unrealistic to make a change like that happen for me.

My Hair // All my life, my hair as been amazing and thick, it still is! I recently did a lot of bleaching and dying to it though, and it feels brittle and broken. I am hoping that healthy eating will help aide the healing process somehow. The growth on it is incredible, now let's see how much I can kick it up a notch. *BAM* Emeril anybody? Is this irrational?

My Sleeping // Let’s just put it out there, I’m a horrible sleeper. I have always been and I probably always will be, but that’s besides the point. I’m thinking maybe if I lose some weight, I can at least maybe be on a more regimented sleeping schedule? Is that too much to ask? Right now, I go to bed too late, wake up too early and toss and turn in-between. Mostly due to extreme stress, anxiety and some heavy lingering depression, but I know that maybe some healthier habits can pull me out.

That’s it. I want to set my expectations high. I’m tired of not wanting to set my expectations high because I don’t expect much, those days are over. I need to start believing in myself. Who agrees? Tweet me support, hugs and virtual cake. Xoxo-B.

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