If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that one of my most frequented places in the city is Flatiron. Mostly because that's where my office is, but also because I do love it! Most of our lunch outings are here, a lot of the cute little shops we love are here and just generally, I love this area.

There are some decent spots to eat around here, but the most touristy spot in what seems like ALL of NYC (food wise) is Eataly and it is located right here in Flatiron. I couldn't be happier about this because to be honest, I love it so much and for so many reasons.

One of the things that is really cool about Eataly is that seasonally, they change their rooftop into something different. You can really tell how much time and effort is put into the thought and ideation of this creation because the marketing that comes out is seen literally everywhere. They do a good job talking about the conception of the idea and the explaining the reason why they've chosen to go with the certain theme. I think what I like most here is that the seasonal rooftop bar always has a story. I think this is really cool, almost like an additive to your dining/night out experience.

If you're new to Eataly, just know that aside from all of the great savory food they have, sweets almost seems like their specialty. If you haven't been to the Nutella Bar, it's just something special. I can't really explain how delish. Crepes, oohhhhhhh. For work, I had stopped there once with our photographer and taken some photos for National Nutella Day and all I can think about is that shoot because who wouldn't love going to take pictures of Nutella for their job on a random day.

Here are a couple of photos from my most recent Eataly trips.

// Sandwiches

Another thing cool about Eataly is that you can grocery shop there, you can browse as a tourist, you can dine, and you can grab a quick coffee/gelato/lunch and leave. Here in my office, we definitely take advantage of that. This specific sandwich started out with just mozzerella, heriloom tomatoes and olive oil, but I opted to add prosciutto. One of my best life decisions to this date.

// Cheese Bar

I mean, really, need I say more? I don't think I should have to, but I will. Who doesn't love cheese? Eataly is great because not only is there so much cheese, but the displays are beautiful. Literally, cheese is finally getting what it deserves in Eataly, it's getting treated like the art piece that it is as a whole. Cheers to that.

// Specials

Tempura. Fried. Vegetables. These were incredible. I think it was the perfect balance of salty and fresh between the batter and the way the vegetables popped when you took a bite because of how fresh they still were after being fried. This dish was part of a restaurant week special that my aunt and I enjoyed a while ago. You'll learn about the cheese plate that tagged along next.

// Charcuterie

So.... am I the only one that would die for charcuterie? I don't know what I would do if I was still allergic to cheese because a charcuterie is not complete without cheese. This has been hands down one of my most favorite charcuterie platters that I've ever had. Right here at Eataly. I could only imagine what is going to happen when I have one in ACTUAL Italy (keep dreaming, B).

I can't even tell you how many countless trips I have been on to Eataly, yet these are the only photos I have to show you. Eataly is definitely an immersive experience. I feel like when you're there, you have to just live in the moment and take everything in because it can be A LOT. Last time I was there for lunch last week, I got the sandwich pictured and some chocolates. Just walking from one area to the other (even though they are literally across the aisle from one another), there's so much to see.

Right now, Eataly is celebrating their "Summer Fling" inspired by Sabbia on their rooftop bar Birreria and they are spreading the love of this celebration everywhere. Just getting the sandwich you walk through super cool, summer themed decorations like this:

Next time you're here, go to Eataly. If you live/work here, go to Eataly. It's totally touristy, it's totally worth it either way. If you're not already, follow me on Instagram, I post everything there and I am obsessed with stories. Thank you, as always, for reading! Xoxo - Brit.

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  1. Eataly looks AMAZING! I have never been to one of their locations, but it is definitely on my list!