I’ve really never been much of a subscription/online services type of girl. I definitely get a total sense that it’s a city thing. I always think of things like Blue Apron and Birchbox as total city services that only people who live there use, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I honestly can’t even tell you why I had this premonition.

Now I don’t know the analytics, demographics wise, of these companies and where they are most popular, but I just know that cities could only be the more popular area. While that might be true, don’t get it twisted, ‘burbs and beach girls use the services too.

Today, I wanted to talk about some of the services I’ve used in the past. I wanted to detail why I love them, what’s best about them, and some of them that just didn’t make the cut for me. Just incase you’re nervous about giving them a shot, come along on the journey of this blog post with me and let’s talk about it!


I’m fairly new to Ipsy. My friend (Hi Diana!) has the service and she was the one that persuaded me to sign up. She sent me a code, so that both of us benefitted from a discount, which was great for the the first month. I knew that it was Michelle Phan’s company and had been following her for a while too, so I was excited to finally take the plunge on starting and trying Ipsy.

I’ve always kind of felt “bombarded” with all of these beauty subscription services because there are so many. I don’t understand why so many companies want to compete for the same thing when they have the opportunity to be totally unique.

Anyway. Ipsy has been really cute so far! For $10/mo, I really cannot complain with the service. Although I haven’t purchased anything I’ve received full size yet, I’ve had the service for about four months now (my July bag has just shipped) and each time I get something I would definitely CONSIDER buying full size. I also just cannot get over the little cosmetic bag that is themed every month that they send everything in.

If you don’t know, Ipsy is a $10/mo subscription service that allows you to explore new makeup brands and products. Every month, they send you 5 different things in a super cute themed makeup bag to try out throughout the month. I would definitely recommend trying it out or at least seeing if someone you know has a code. Ahem, my code here.


This is one that I had seen advertised literally ALL over the place. I was getting targeted Facebook ads, Instagram ads and was just seeing articles about them everywhere. Well, I guess the advertising worked/annoyed me enough, because I decided to bite the bullet and give them a shot.

I think i was mostly annoyed with the process of ordering contacts a million times when I ran out and doing the two week thing. I was excited about the opportunity to try dailies as I have never had them before and figured this could possibly be a great place to start. If I didn’t like them, I literally could just cancel my subscription and move along.

I loved the relatable branding for some reason, too. The cute little orange and yellow packaging, the illustrations and their social media presence, everything just seemed cute to me.

The overall opinion? Not that impressed. While I thought it would be a great opportunity to try out daily contacts, I was not thrilled with the quality. I felt like the lenses were drying? I didn’t enjoy worrying about my eyes feeling so dry by 9am when I put the lenses in around 5am. That is make or break for me.

Canceling the service was a little bit of an annoyance too. I had to call and tell someone I didn’t want the service anymore which was a little time consuming and not fitting with the actual convenience of the service overall. Doesn’t make sense to me.

All of this being said, I would be open to trying the service again if they made more moisturizing versions of the contacts in the future. Perhaps I may like them and not have to worry about canceling the service. Who knows!?

Warby Parker
$99 (most glasses)

I’m including this as an “online service” even though now there are multiple stores in NYC. I had my first bout with Warby Parker in April of 2015. I was so excited about them because it was a kind of “first of it’s kind” situation. I loved the ease and convenience of having five glasses shipped to you, being able to try out the glasses infront of family and friends, getting opinions and then choosing one that they will send back to you with your prescription in it and ready to go.

The price point for these currently ranges. The pair I ended up with was approx $95. I loved them! So much so that I used the service again and am in the process right now of ordering a third pair.

Customer service with this company is SO nice. Everyone is a pleasure to deal with both in the store and online, which is very refreshing. Everyone also always looks SO cool wearing the glasses (they know what they’re doing), so you always can kind of see what the glasses look like on different people in the store.

Honestly, I think around $100 is a perfect price for some prescription glasses. Why not pick up two? They even offer sunglasses, which to be honest, I would like to get a pair of as well.

Now, with all of that being said, I will ALSO say that I would not recommend going to the optometrist inside of Warby Parker. If you didn’t know, that is an option in some of the store locations. I had gone to one because of an emergency (a contact had ripped in my eye one day during work) and I wanted to get a check up. After I had visited, for a while I was complaining of headaches and it ended up being that my prescription was two powers too strong! Not good.

Overall lesson? Glasses: absolutely. Prescriptions and medical services: absolutely not.


Again, something I would NEVER have used before I started spending so much time being in the city, working, etc. It seems like everyone here has it and yet now I can only think about how I even attempted to live my life without it.

I started using Spotify completely free and then ended up seeing a New Year Special about how I could have premium for 99 cents for three months. How could I go wrong? I signed up almost immediately. Having premium changed my life, lol. I can’t explain how serious I am about this, I guess that’s why I felt the need to lol.

If anyone knows me, you know I’m suchhhhh a singer. Everywhere I go, I’m singing. I need constant access to music at all times. This has done it for me. And listen, I know I’m extremely late to the Spotify train, I know, I know, I get it, but guys, I just can’t explain….. it’s legendary.

After my premium subscription came due, I cancelled premium. I honestly wasn’t sure yet if I wanted to continue to pay $10/mo just for music that I could have for free on Spotify, right? WRONG. Premium lets you listen with no commercials and offline. Again, I’m so obsessed and dumbfounded by this freaking service and how amazing it is. Go ahead and judge me.


Rocksbox was another thing I was meticulously targeted by on social media and had been hearing so much about. I used to think it was too much money for a subscription service per month and to be honest, it kind of is? I don’t know if thats an unpopular opinion, but I don’t really care either haha.

If you don’t know, Rocksbox is a jewelry subscription service that when you sign up for it, you get paired with a stylist who takes the answers to your quiz and pairs them with three different pieces of jewelry that you’ve already claimed you liked. Out of the three, you can keep 1, 2, or all of them and buy them at a “discounted price” that Rocksbox offers. If you don’t like any of them, you can just send them back. If you like them but you don’t want to own them, thats okay too. You can keep them and “rent them” for as long as you like. The bad thing there? You can’t send the other pieces back until you send everything back.

Here’s a couple things about Rocksox. First of all, they really don’t have an ever evolving list of brands that they include on the sight. That annoys me to no end. If I’m paying for a service that is supposed to introduce me to new brands, I’m going to definitely want variety. Rocks box didn’t offer enough of that.

Another thing. I ended up buying a piece of jewelry that I LOVED. I was so excited and wearing it a lot. Ultimately, it ended up turning my arm green! I was so disappointed. Now I know this isn’t Rocksbox’s fault, but it just makes me upset that they have jewelry of this caliber on the site. Definitely upsetting and not worth the price tag.

The one good thing about the membership? Each month you are given a $10 gift certificate pretty much, and yes, they stack up. In the future if more brands get added and maybe even if the membership comes down a little bit, I wouldn’t mind giving it one more month.


Prime has been the single most amazing thing I have ever come across. Again, one of those services that I toooootally thought was just for city people. Little did I know, lots of people have it. I feel like I got on the Prime bandwagon because I just thought it was so amazing that you could have anything in your hands for free shipping in TWO DAYS and jesus christ I couldn’t be happier that I did this.

Everything from birthday presents, to Christmas presents. Gag gifts to surprises. God damn it’s so freaking amazing. I love the fact that you can add multiple payment options and ship to any addresses. That way, you know, you can surprise anyone with anything. I love this so much.

I’m also just beyond happy and excited that I can have whatever I want, whenever I want it, mostly cheaper than anywhere else, in two days and with free shipping. I cannot believe I waited so long to get Prime. Yes, I know, I’m late to this too.


Hulu is another thing I was encouraged to get by my friend (Hi Diana!). I think the biggest reason is because a couple of the shows I watch are on here and if I miss it one night, I can watch it almost immediately the next day. I really do love the immediacy of being able to catch up on shows and I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised with everything offered on the service. I will definitely keep it for a low $8/mo and maybe even amp it up once I catch up on all this TV. AHH!

Thank you so much for reading as always. What services am I missing out on? Please leave a comment or tweet me some suggestions as I would love to hear them and am always open to trying something new when it comes to subscription services. Xo-Brit.

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