So if you know me at all (when am I going to stop beginning my blog posts like this?), you’ll know that I have an undying obsession with country music. To be honest, compared to most country fans, it is a fairly new obsession. I haven’t always been as into the genre as I am now, but I can’t imagine not having country music in my life.

As sick and as corny as this all sounds, it’s incredibly true for so many reasons. Something to know about me is that I am really not an emotional person. For some reason, country music has been one of those things that has gotten me to be a little more emotional. If you listen to the words of these songs, you will quickly realize that they are so incredibly filled with meaning and not just sung for shits and gigs. Yes, some of the music can be pretty sappy, corny and over the top, but what genre/song isn’t sometimes, right?

There’s just something about the hometown, chilled out feel of pretty melodies that make you feel at ease. Driving around town with windows down and country albums blasting is a feeling you can’t quite explain. I feel like I’m in somewhat of a minority of loving country music when I’m in the city, as there aren’t really man fans, but for some reason it makes me feel that much better about it.

That being said! I wanted to share some of my recent favorite songs/albums/artists with you. As explained, I’ve become a huge, extremely dedicated fan of country only about five years or so ago, but that doesn’t really mean anything when it comes to country. I still love it the same.

Old Dominion

Can we be honest here: who doesn’t love Old Dominion? These guys are incredible! I became obsessed with Meat and Candy as soon as it came out mainly because each song has suuuuuch an incredibly addicting beat. It was only after listening to each track that I realized how much I needed this album in my life. Every single song is great, not just good, great. THEN, No Such Thing as a Broken Heart came out which is super cute and easy to love. Most recently, Written In The Sand came out as a single to Happy Endings which comes out on 8-25-17 which is the perfect kick off to new music. Old Dominion, I just love you so much.

#1 Favorite(s): Snapback, Crazy Beautiful Sexy (Songs)

Brett Eldredge

No country list for me would be the same without Brett on it. He and Sam Hunt are my two favorite single country artists everrrrr. I have sadly not seen them in concert yet, but one day I will I have no doubt about that. Brett though, ugh, I can’t explain. Not only do I love his music, but I can’t lie, I love following him on social media. He always posts the cutest photos of him and Edgar, things he’s doing, places he’s going and more.

Perhaps one of my favorite things he’s done is release a Christmas album this past year. Glow has been amazing! I think because for me it was reminiscent of more classic sounds for Christmas which I love more than anything. My favorite song on Glow is his original, aptly titled Glow. So cute, so fun, so festive, so good.

When we talk about regular music by Brett, I honestly think The Long Way, one of his recently released singles is my favorite of his. My all-time Brett favorite though has to be Drunk On Your Love. DOYL has another really addicting beat but also tells a story about what it’s like to feel like you’re in love. I feel like love songs can be so dreary and emotional, to the point where they really bring you down. This one isn’t like that. To me, it brings out the excitement of feeling in love and for that it makes me very happy.

I cannot wait to see what he has in store for us on 8-4-17 when his next album comes out. The day i see him in concert, oooooh girl, I’m going to loose my ish.

#1 Favorites: Drunk On Your Love, The Long Way, Glow

Chris Stapleton

GUYS. Chris. Stapleton. Not that he’s an unknown talent or anything, but I don’t think enough people appreciate his work. If you don’t know Chris Stapleton or just haven’t listened to any of hi songs, stop reading this post right now and go listen to Nobody To Blame or something.

The sound of Chris, to me, is something really special. He strikes me as that kind of artist that just really doesn’t give a fuck and is authentically himself. Who doesn’t love that kind of artistry, no? He hits the music hard and that’s what I appreciate so, so much about him. His look, his feel, it’s all there. The soul, ugh it’s just so good. It feeeeeeels so good.

#1 Favorites: Nobody To Blame

Devin Dawson

Honestly, don’t know much about Devin, he’s new to me. I just got obsessed with his song All On Me. Something about All On Me just makes me feel like everything’s okay and I’ll never have to worry about being alone. I think I’m most likely responsible for 75% of the plays alone on Spotify.

Dylan Scott

Dylan is another recent favorite for me when I think about it in the grand scheme of things but there are a couple of songs on his album, Dylan Scott, that I got extremely into. I think everyone bops to My Girl, right? I think that’s the most obviously answer, but there’s so much more to him than just him. He’s also releasing something soon as well and I can’t wait to hear it.

My all-time favorite from Dylan though has to be Do You Think About Me. Want to know how badly in love with this song I am? I have made a link to the YouTube video a link in an Instagram caption once. THAT’S how obsessed. I did something that didn’t even make sense for it. *HONESTY ALERT* I also feel like I use this as subtle hints to one of my exes because I think about him a little too often and I wonder if he thinks about me. Holy shit, did I just say that? On this blog? Publicly? Okay going back to put honesty alert before this sentence.

#1 Favorite(s): Do You Think About Me, Ball Cap

Maren Morris

I think Maren Morris has such a nice, unique voice in country for girls. She’s not just the same old blonde girl that’s only singing about being in the back of some guys truck. Not to say that’s a BAD thing, but Maren’s songs, specifically my favorite by her, I Could Use a Love Song, are well done. I saw her perform it on one of the award shows recently and was blown away (I think mostly presently surprised) with how well she had done it.

#1 Favorite: I Could Use a Love Song

Sam Hunt

Anyone who knows me well (here we go again) knows that Sam is my number one country obsession. Ever since Ex To See was brought into my life, I became that girl who almost cried every single time a Sam song came on. I quickly studied his life work and became borderline crazy over him. Honestly, I don’t know why. I mean obviously he’s super hot, so that’s not a bad thing about him, but that’s not why I love him.

I think some of his songs became the anthem to my summer when I first realized who he was and that’s so special for me. Summer is my favorite time of the year so anything that accompanies me in a positive way during that time and gets associated with a positive memory, forever has a special place in my heart.

#1 Favorite(s): Ex To See, Make You Miss Me, Break Up In A Small Town (SO HARD TO CHOOSE!)

Thomas Rhett 

Aside from Thomas being just a cool guy who puts out super fun music, he is also super cute with his wife all over social media. I love the way his music feels effortless and his songs just seem to come on when I need them for some reason? I know it’s weird to say something like that, but it’s true.

#1 Favorites: Get Me Some Of That, T-Shirt

Zac Brown Band

To me, there is no better country band for just feelin’ good than the Zac Brown Band. How could you go wrong with some of their tropical vibed classics? Is that even a word? I don’t even know. I also really enjoy the cool, low key songs like Beautiful Drug because it packs so much punch but is so different (at least to me) from what they’re actually known for generally.

#1 Favorite(s): Beautiful Drug, Toes

Thanks for coming down the unpaved road of journey this was. Now that you’ve read this, go grab a beer and start listening now! Obviously this just skims the surface of what I love in country and some I haven’t even included. I hope you’ve enjoyed. Tweet me some suggestions for country artists/songs/albums you love. Thank you for reading as always! Xoxo-Brit.

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