Life is never easy. I feel like I don't really need to explain myself. With all of the challenges that we face on a daily basis, it's always good to have something to fall back on that make us happy. I can't be the only one thinking this. Recently, life seems extra brutal and to counteract that, I figured I would share with you some of the things that have been making me pretty happy lately.

I realized I loved curating and writing this post. While it may seem simple and easy to say, I just loved gathering some of the things that have made me happy the past couple of weeks and sharing them with you. This has also gotten me to realize that some of these things change on a weekly basis and some of them stay the same. That being said, maybe I'll make it a weekly post? Ugh, god, I know I haven't posted since April. Consider this my apology, like I said, life is rough. (That's no excuse, B).

So this is reeeeeally interesting. I have actually been seeing commercials/ads for this forever now and quite honestly, it scares the shit out of me. I don't like the idea of being the one that sends my DNA to someone for analysis. That being said, I LOOOOOVE the idea of knowing my ancestry. Just think about how amazing it is that in a couple of weeks, I'm going to know where my family comes from and a whole lot more about who they are. 

I know my family is Italian for the most part. My grandmother was Italian, my grandfather Was Scotch-Irish. That is absolutely ALL I know though. It just amazes me that just by going through this 23andMe process, I will know much more about who I really am. 

The "being scared" part just comes from the unknown, so I feel like once I get the results back, I think I'll be more happy and overwhelmed than scared anymore. I also think I'm freaked out about the fact that these people basically know if you have a sickness but they can't really tell you. Let's be honest, that's flippin' scary.

Suffice this all to say, I couldn't be more fucking excited than I am right now to have finally done this. I've been waiting so long to purchase the package from 23andMe. I finally did it and FINALLY sent everything in. Honestly, even after I purchased the package it took me a while to actually spit in the tube and send it in. SO TERRIFYING, but it's done and I'm just sitting here waiting on my results. I've even downloaded the app to keep up with where my sample is, the process, etc. Stay tuned!

Most of you know that candles are my obsession. They soothe me. If they don't soothe you, then I'm concerned for you. Actually, I think you just might now have the right candle. Hahah. I know, it sounds extra, but I feel like candles have healing powers? Is that a thing? 

I think I've actually written about either exactly this scent or something similar before. DW Home Essentials is one of my favorite brands. I love them because they have some great scents and great packaging. Also, and more importantly, the quality is fantastic. The candle always burns down completely and it burns down WELL.The aroma scans the room and the scent is strong, which is preferred. I highly recommend this brand and specifically, Peony + Garden Rose, how could you go wrong? You know how much I love peonies.

These shoes are a wild card. I have been on the hunt for some black flats for what seems like an eternity and I just cannot find anything that I like. I swear, I feel like in all of New York, all of New Jersey and all of the internet, I haven't been able to get anything I like. I'm thinking back to like, September of last year when I used to have a pair from Aldo that I was obsessed with but I wore them so much that they literally ripped.

Anyway in my pursuit of black flats, it's safe to say that by this photo you can see I didn't find them. Instead, I found these adorable block heels. How cute is the buckle at the top? There's really nothing I don't like about them because they're even.. dare I say it.. comfortable! I got them from DSW in my endless search for flats, but they are Aldo.

I decided to leave this lip color in the packaging because it's super cute. You guys know that I love a matte lip, so I decided to try out this Tarte Tartetist lip color and I like it! It stays on, the formula is nice and it lasts. It's really like a "your lips but better" color, which I hate when people say, but there's really no other way to explain it.

This Mario Badescu AHA Botanical Soap is definitely a life changer. If there's another thing you guys know about me is that I have extremely sensitive skin. This AHA has really helped "move" (?) my skin. It kind of acts as an exfoliant that helps clear the skin on my legs specifically. I used it once and noticed that it helped curve the itchiness of my eczema and cleared it up. Let's hope my skin doesn't get used to it/start to hate it.

Yet ANOTHER thing that I have recently posted about is my journey and obsession with skincare. After so many years, I have been taking my skincare so much more seriously, which is probably either too little too late or just a little bit ridiculous? Check out that post to learn more about how I have amped up my skincare routine, but also, here are a couple of even EXTRA things I have been doing. 

I got my aunt obsessed with skincare, and now she spend so much time researching it and NOW she gives ME advice. She has got me into Vitamin C serum for my face and I’m freaking obsessed with it. I find that it both soothes my skin and also helps to illuminate it a little bit more. 

The Benton Eye Cream is something that I purchased and still need to spend a little time with before I can give an honest opinion on. I’ve even waited a month to write this after buying the products, but sadly, I haven’t been as strict with its use. So far, it moisturizes but I really think that’s ALL it does? I don’t know how much I believe in the power of eye creams for anything more than that. Maybe I’m missing something. Please leave your suggestions!

The Buffet by The Ordinary is super cool! It’s one of the things that you just have to “trust” is working. The girl in the oo35mm store told me that it works to bring all of your serums, essences, etc together after you’ve applied it. BTW- couldn’t be more obsessed with oo35mm. Lord, just take my freaking money.

Thanks for listening! I hate the sob story, but I am sorry anyway for not posting since April. I PROMISE TO MYSELF TO BE MORE CONSISTENT WITH POSTS, I CAN DO THIS. Tweet me!

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