There’s never been one day something has gone completely according to plain, let’s be honest that’s just how life seems to be for me. I haven’t quite come to terms with this yet because I feel strongly that my perfect day is out there. For now though, while I continue on my quest, there are a couple of things that I make sure I do every single day, to keep myself feeling like there’s at least a LITTLE conduct in my life. Like I said, it may seem like things are all over the place, but it’s organized chaos and there is SOME method to my madness. Here’s what I like to do daily, regardless of most other things in life being completely hectic.

// Brush Teeth Immediately

Now I don’t know if there’s any science behind this or anything (probably not), but for some reason brushing my teeth immediately, literally before anything else, makes me feel invincible. Seriously everyone, insanity. Obviously brushing before bed is something that is done, but when I wake up, I always feel like it’s the first thing I NEED to do, so satisfying that immediately makes me feel better. It oddly makes me feel like I can take on the day. Am I the only one like this?

I’m not kidding, I brush my teeth before I pee. It has to happen.

// Make A To-Do List

This is once I get to work. I feel like I can never really start the day authentically, if I don’t write a to-do list. I must admit, sometimes this comes mid-late morning, and when that happens, my entire day feels a little off kilter. That’s why I consider this so very important to my daily routine. My days at work get so busy and can be taken in every single direction, which I absolutely love, but in order to do it efficiently, it’s so important to keep myself on task somehow. An obvious (yet simple) way, is with a to-do list.

If you think it’s something you just can’t do, get cute stationary or a notebook, it might help. If you like to keep your to-do’s digital, I’m sure there’s an app for that and you can of course always use your notes app on your computer/phone. I’m telling you, to-do lists are lifechanging. They keep your mind right and your priorities straight.

// Allow For Things NOT To Go To Plan

This is inevitable, and if you don’t plan for it, you’ll play yourself. Whether it be in work or in your personal life, things are bound to fuck up and if you don’t at least ready yourself for it to happen once per day, you’ll end up falling behind. And hey listen; if it DOESN’T end up happening, you’re all the wiser! Just allowing for things to fall off the wagon is something that will put your mind at ease for when they actually do.

If something gets thrown your way that you’re not expecting, you can be as prepared for what you have in that to-do list as you want, but also screwed for this random thing that popped up if you don’t account for it.

// Make Room Each Day For Happiness

I’ll be writing soon about things I need to improve on/do more of, and this is absolutely one of them. A lot of times I spend sooooo much of my day thinking about either hypotheticals or things that make me sad. Why? What’s the point of this? Chances are, there’s either nothing I can do to fix something that has already once made me sad one time; and the damn hypotheticals are HYPOTHETICALS, they haven’t fucking happened yet. Ugh, I’m getting annoyed at myself just typing this.

Also, a lot of times there are such simple things every single day that can make us so happy. Think about it, a read, a cup of coffee sat down and not running around to do things for 10 minutes, a walk outside, a small new little purchase, a call to a friend, singing a song. These are things that are mostly free and so EASY, yet what do I (and I’m sure some of you) do? Sit there and wallow. Come on, raise your hands if you’ve been personally victimized by #thewallow.

These are four things that immediately came to mind when I thought about preparing for the day. There are of course other things I do like my skincare routine (I know Brittany, shut up about it), etc. that make me feel complete for the day, but these four core things really set me straight for my days. What keeps you out of a daze and into your days? Tweet me and let me know! Thanks for reading as always. Xoxo-Brit.

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