I love a good winter white. Of course by winter white I mean anything that has to do with wearing white in the winter. This year though, we've had at least two or three little mini snowstorms that have really brought out the winter white in New York City. As I said in my last post about Christmas, I always feel so much more thankful when I'm in the city because I don't have to worry about the woes that are NJ Transit, driving around, cleaning off my car, and shoveling off the steps around my house.

Snow without the worry is always so much more fun and enjoyable. I feel like I have spent a majority of my life defending myself and making the case as to why I HATE the snow. This year, it has been amazingly more enjoyable for the reasons above. There's a lot more to appreciate about snow and lazy weekends when you can just sit back and watch it fall without a worry. Then if you decide that you need something from the grocery store, you just walk outside of your apartment and get it. No tackling people for parking spots and yelling at raging drivers for driving too slow in icy roads.

The best part of all? How beautiful it actually is when you catch it looking just that good. Here are a few quick snaps I took a couple of weeks ago when I was out and about with some friends.

Although my heart and love will always be for summer. I have to say, snow in New York City is most definitely much more magical and manageable. Xoxo-Brit.

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