I've always been so interested in K Beauty and there really has never been an easy way to try it here in New Jersey. Ever since I started working in New York, I have had endless opportunities to walk right through Koreatown on 32nd Street so that I could pick up absolutely anything I want and trust me, I have taken advantage of that. 

Slowly but surely, I have fallen more and more in love with the uniqueness of the products. I find it amazing that some ingredient in snails can be so good for your skin. Yes, I know, I guess I'm a little late to the game. I have to be honest, I was a little scared to start using some of the products because of the skin that I have.

If you've been reading HITTI for a while, you know that I have such horrible skin. I have had eczema ever since I was a little kid. It started only on my hands where I had to wear socks on my hands to bed with doctor prescribed medication. Now, it is on my face, neck and legs as I get older. I hope that nothing will be forever, but for now it's just something I have to live with that is extremely uncomfortable and painful. 

Anyway! Back to the K Beauty. I recently picked up a few things that I wanted to share with you. Most of them we're a second purchase, so I will be able to give mini reviews, but there are a few things that were gifts/that I haven't purchased before.

I've purchased both the eye masks and the hydrogel mask before. What I will say is that the feeling of the sheet mask is really relaxing. I always find myself wearing this specific mask for longer than they say you should. I don't think that's a bad thing, but you probably shouldn't do it every time either. My skin afterwards really didn't feel like it was softer, brought back to life, etc., I think I loved it more for the relaxing elements of the experience.

The eye mask were pretty much the same experience. I found it hard to have them stay on my face but maybe that's because I was doing other things while I had them on. I feel like I can never sit still because there's so much to do. I still enjoyed the cooling, relaxing feeling. 

I purchased this Jeju sparkling Mud Foam Cleanser mainly because they didn't have my normal snail cleanser. I purchased a snail cleanser about a year ago that came in a white bottle and was $4.90. I asked the store clerks in Nature Republic about when they were coming back in and no one REALLY seemed to know. They just basically told me it might come back after the holidays, so I should stop in again one of these days. 

The Snail Cream is something new for me. I don't know how it will work out, I will keep you updated. I'm sure that I will like it because it has snail in it,  but that's really all I can say for now. 

If you think that Bath & Body Works has a lot of hand sanitizers, they have nothing on Nature Republic. I have previously purchased Peony (!!!) hand sanitizers that were sooo nice and this time I just went with a classic Peppermint, love it.

The Baobao Mist is great. When it's really hot outside, I always have this in my purse and it's such a great relief. Not only just for hot days, but just for when you're needing a pick me up, this mist is so relaxing and refreshing. For some reason, it reminds me of green tea in mist form, which I love. 

The nail polishes I have never tried, I bought them as a gift for my friend Alex, who I know loves them. I've bought one for her before because she said she was looking for a white nail polish that she knew was good and she ended up liking it. As part of her Christmas present, I bought her red, white and blue. Hey Alex!

The shower cap is just a shower cap to be honest. I always buy it at Nature Republic because it's so convenient. They have a section of all different nail/skin/bath tools that you may need.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed my little mini reviews and that it inspired you to try some new K Beauty/skincare. I know a lot of things are available online (Amazon has some interesting choices). Tweet me and tell me everything you've tried! I am always interested in trying new products (specifically for sensitive skin). Xoxo -Brit.

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