2016 has been one of the most interesting years of my entire life. It has nothing to do with politics, current events, or public figures. The year has tested and tried me more than I care to even mention and I don't know for sure if I'm up to sharing it here. For the time being, what I did want to share, is were some Christmas pictures.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen SOME of these. While that's true, there are a few sprinkled in that haven't made it to the internet until now. That's hard for me, because normally I'm snapping pictures of absolutely everything and uploading almost immediately. Let's get started!

Madison Square Park was full of beauty and a gingerbread surprise this year. The classic Christmas tree was there to greet everyone as always, but this Taste of Home Gingerbread House was oh so adorable.

The Flower District is one of my favorite places to begin with, so at Christmastime, it amplifies. I just couldn't help but make one of my first red cups of the season pose in front of these holly bushes.

Some friends and I took a trip to Brooklyn to the Alamo Drafthouse not too long ago. It was a really cool trip for me, really only my third time EVER in Brooklyn. We made a couple of stops, but mainly we were there to see Jackie in theaters.

We were in for a surprise though because by the time the movie was over and we were back out on the street, it was snowing! The first snow of the season! It's just one of those magic moments that just surprises you every once in a while. These snow moments have been extra special to me this year because it seems like every time it has snowed so far, I've been in New York and have not had to drive or deal with trains/traffic. For that I am so grateful. 

I snapped this picture while waiting on the line for my lunch one day in this place called Bread & Butter than my friends and I frequent. I don't know any of these brands but the way the bottles were placed just seemed so perfect for some reason.

Who doesn't love a good festive relaxation? I got these leggings last year on sale and haven't had the perfect chance to wear them until this year. How adorable is the crushed velvet though, really.

The second picture I just felt so compelled to take. It's an interesting juxtaposition of two completely different people. This makes me hopeful and happy to look at for some reason.

It's always the best time of year when wrapping begins. If you haven't seen my post about wrapping, check it out. I am beyond passionate when it comes to getting creative when wrapping. 

Chocolate chews are a tradition for me every year. When I was young, we always had them in the house and they are soooooooo delicious. I consider it a necessity and Christmas just isn't Christmas without them. they are so easy to make and I love adding Christmas sprinkles on top, because.....

Around this time of year igloos just seem to pop up everywhere, this one was in the middle of Times Square so that people could shop for ornaments there. I don't know whether to say this is adorable or that I fucking hate it because it causes more foot traffic.

Bryant Park is always ultra magical this time of year with ice skaters and Christmas trees.

Rolf's, Saks, the Windows and the Tree are just Christmas staples. 

The ESB lit up in Christmas colors lasts long into the first week of January and it makes me happy and you can't forget to look up and Believe.

Who doesn't love a classic random car full of Santa Clauses rolling down 5th Avenue that you can see out your office window?

I hosted Christmas Eve dinner and decided to go the plastic plate/silverware route. Smart choice on my end. We don't have Christmas china or anything and the clean up was minimal.

My mess from the above picture turned into the delicious you see here. I was most proud of that cheese plate. Ohhhhhh you know I luuuuurve a good cheese plate. Mmmm.

I just have to show off these wrapping skills every single time I get an opportunity.

Another magical snowfall in New York City.

Bay Head pretending it's Christmas long after it was over.

Park Avenue and 73rd Street lookin' ultra stunning.

I've always wanted to take a picture of this display of lights I see so often in the Flower District and what better time than Christmas to do it?

Finally, I rang in the New Year with friends and delicious Magnolia Cupcakes!

Here's to hoping that 2017 is amazing, I certainly need it. Xoxo-Brit.

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