St. Mary's By The Sea
If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen that back in the beginning of the fall, I took a trip to Connecticut. My friend Diana (hi Diana) has some family there, but that's not QUITE why we went. There's a place called The Book Barn. Yes, you've heard it right, The Book Barn.

Thinking about the logistics of the trip was easy. Jump on the train and ride on up to Connecticut. We'd drop our bags off at Diana's, go to the diner for dinner, have some coffee, do a little shopping and then fall asleep. We had to travel to The Book Barn the next morning!

The Book Barn is in this beautiful little town called Niantic, CT. It honestly looks like a scene, to me, from a Nicholas Sparks novel or something. I always feel at peace when near the water, so I felt somewhat calm when I was there as we walked along St. Mary's By The Sea. 

The Book Barn was everything you could possibly imagine. There are mini barns across four different locations that hold different categories and genres of books. If you're going there with intention thats great, but really, I found, it was better to go there with no intention of finding anything specific. 

It was really nice to just walk through and peruse the mismatched stock. Some genres were plentiful while others weren't as much. I think that's what I loved most about it. There was something so quaint and quiet about the little barns scattered across the campus. The little gardens and knickknacks that were scattered throughout the entirety of the three locations were a perfectly adorable added touch.

The workers there were extremely nice and very welcoming. If you needed help finding something, they would point you in the right direction. You are also able to sell books to The Book Barn, which is where the books come from in the first place alongside donation and other origins. 

I definitely would recommend taking a trip to Connecticut for this one, especially if you are a huge reader. The books that I purchased we're mostly in the $2-$6 range and that's it! If you're a crazy reader and you could use a few extra books in your collection (who couldn't), get hoppin' on over to The Book Barn!

Last but not least, our haul:

What a thing of beauty.

Leave a comment below and let me know if you have ever been to The Book Barn. Are there places like this in your area or near you somewhere? Thank you for reading as always! 

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