I am most definitely not shy to say that I am probably the worst cook you will ever meet. Okay, I can make things, but it certainly doesn't mean they are going to turn out well. That I can say with confidence. 

I have amazing, fantastic cooks in my life. My grandmother was fantastic, I miss her cooking so much. My great aunt was wonderful. The two of them together was like a ball of Italian fire in the kitchen, so amazing. My dad definitely gained some of those skills and my uncle is a Chef. So there you have it, you get the idea. EVERYONE is great, and here I sit.... horrible at cooking.

There are a few things I make just because I know I can't screw them up, this soup being one of them. I remember my grandma making this when I was young and ever since then, I cannot get it out of my head. When I was old enough to start making it myself, I couldn't find a recipe that she used to follow, so I googled it and found one just to make sure I wouldn't make any mistakes. Now, I just do my own thing.

Honestly, everything this is pretty fool proof and being that I am so paranoid about heat when cooking, I take it really slow on every single step. This is a good thing, because that improves my chances of not screwing up (hopefully).

You'll Need

-2 Cans of White Beans
-2 Heads of Escarole
-1 Box Chicken Stock
-1 Package of Sausage
-Parmesan Cheese
-1 Red Onion
-Olive Oil

Like I said, a lot of this is pretty customizable, so if you are a vegetarian or something, you are totally welcome to substitute the sausage and chicken stock. It is traditionally a sausage-type soup for me and my family.

Step One

I usually start by sautéing the escarole with a little bit of garlic and the littlest bit of olive oil in the pan. You don't want too much oil at this point because it can get really nasty when it mixes with the chicken stock when you combine everything.

Step Two 

At the same time or shortly after, get the sausage going. I guess when normal people cook, they probably reverse the two steps I have listed so far, but this is me we're dealing with. I like to saute the sausage by itself until it looks like it starts to change color and then add the red onion. I never add oil here because the sausage is fatty enough on it's own.

Step Three

After the escarole looks wilted and darker in color, pour the chicken stock in it's entirety into a large, deep saute pan. As you can see, I used a large one to saute from the beginning. At this point, you can also add the drained and rinsed beans into the pan with the chicken stock and escarole.

Step Four

Once the sausage is completely cooked and the onions are translucent, also combine with other ingredients. Give the soup a mix and there you have it! I always add shaved parmesan cheese on top and usually go crazy and add bread on the side. So delicious.

Be sure to send photos to me and let me know if you tried to make this. Listen, if I can make it, there's almost a 100% chance that you'll be able to make it. Thanks for reading.

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