My plans originally were to relaunch the blog on September 1. When I found out that it was a Thursday, that for some reason bothered me and I didn't like the idea of restarting something when it wasn't happening on a Monday. Although it marked the beginning of a brand new month, I just had a problem with it for some reason. Despite my reservations, it was all ready, content planned, and launch date selected for September 1... until August 28 happened.

August 28 was one of the hardest days for me recently. As I haven't been having the best summer already because of other unmentionable incidents, I really wasn't ready for August 28 to happen, even though it felt inevitable (which pains me to say). On August 28, George Graniti passed away.

Anyone who knows me knows how much he means to me. A staple member of my family, a confidant, an intelligent human being, someone who served his country, a grandfather, an uncle. I cannot really explain what it's like to lose someone like George. It's hard to put into words what he meant to me and how much I loved spending time with him. He was and always will be a wise human being that loved food, debates, history and last but certainly not least his family. 

George's beautiful wife Judy lives on and continues to be the matriarch of our beautiful family and her spirit and dedication to everyone in this family will never change. My heart is absolutely broken for this loss and I spent many of these last days crying my eyes out. 

It's always hard to deal with death. Unfortunately in my life I have had to deal with a lot of it. I have sadly been to many viewings, funerals, repasses, everything. It's horrible to think of death and I think that's why when it happens, we are all so shocked even when we knew it was going to happen anyway. Whether it's someone you've known for years, someone in your family, or someone you haven't seen in a very long time, death is something that you are just simple never prepared for.

With death, comes much more than someone dying. The grief, the mourning period, the family members trying to carry on. Nothing will ever be the same. For me, this time around, it's different. I think about all of the holidays that I've spent with George and the rest of our family. I think about the random weekends that we spent sitting in the pool drinking cocktails and eating endless amounts of food. I think about our conversations dealing with policy, politics, current events. I think about the milestones he was here for and will not be here for. 

I will never be able to express what George has meant to me in a blog post, in words aloud, in a phone call, in an email, anywhere really. All I will say is that as a "stone" that rarely ever cries, I have spent the last couple of days crying like I did when my Uncle Charlie, Grandma, and Grandpa died. Once someone makes a mark on your life, you will never be able to forget them. 

I guess really all I can say right now is this.

Thank you George, I love you.


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