As I'm sure most have heard on the news, probably all around the world, the East Coast has just recently been hit with a snowstorm. It was one that was projected to bring perhaps upwards of 24 inches of snow to my area and we only got about 12. 

Needless to say I was thrilled because honestly I cannot stand snow. As an adult I have absolutely no patience for it, especially commuting. For the entire week after the snow (the storm occurred Friday night into and through the day on Saturday), the trains were a complete mess. My commute home was 5 hours on Monday night! I am certainly NOT here for that.

If there was only one semi-nice thing I could say about the snow, it's that it does LOOK beautiful. If you don't have to go anywhere and can just stare at it. Check out some of the photos of what the Jersey Shore looked like on the weekend of Snowstorm Jonas.

It all started Friday night when the roads were looking like this. I was coming home from the train station and the roads were almost completely covered before I was able to get home.

Saturday during the day, the snow continued to come down. Looking outward it was easy to see that it seemed like we were in for it.

Here's my dog sitting patiently in the 'Command Center' that my dad set up in the basement. You know men and boys, there always into making things more of an adventure.

This is looking out onto the water on Sunday morning.

This is looking out towards the main road on Sunday morning as well.

As you can see, the walkway is completely cleared here and that's because of all the shoveling that my dad did. Very thankful for him and all the work he does.

I cannot help but be completely obsessed with my view out into the water. Everything just looks super magical and sparkly.

Ugh this jacket looks like it adds so much volume that's not actually there, very annoying. It's the only warm enough jacket that I have for the winter though so that's what I'm sticking with.

One of the main roads here on this side of town, completely covered.

The streets of NYC were absolutely obscene. All slushy and PILED all over the place.

That was my inside look of Jonas on the East Coast. How did it look from where you are? Tweet me some of your pictures and share them with me! Thanks for reading as always.

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