I recently went to my family's annual Pizza Making Party.  It is one of the best get togethers that we have all year long because it's just so much and enjoyable for everyone, even the kids.  This year just seemed like so much more fun than normal and I can't quite pinpoint why.  We had a great time just all being together, making the pizzas, making homemade, fresh mozzarella, listening to some live entertainment and it was just all over merriment.  I wore my light-up Christmas necklace (it's bad ass), we drank wine, the fire alarm went off, I watched Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer for the frist time EVER, and it was just the bees knees hanging out with the family.  Check out some of the pictures from our party here:

What are some cool things you guys to do celebrate the holidays?  Tweet me your activities!