Oooooh everyone.  There's a new Pho place in town called Pho-Tastic Vietnamese and it is right in Brick.  When I started hearing Cullen talk about pho, I knew I needed to try it and how convenient for something to open up right in Brick just in time.  Everything was so good.  Check out the pics:

These shrimp spring rolls were so fresh because of the hidden surprise that was mint when you bit into them.  Really good and normally I am not a fan of shrimp.  The peanut dipping sauce was good!

These mini pork egg rolls were good too.  They had a complexity to them, but in a good way.  The outside was crunchy and the dipping sauce was so delicious and perfectly complimentary.

My dad got a pretty traditional pho soup.  He really enjoyed it and thought all of the textures combined were pretty good.  Another thing that had mint in it and it was an unexpected pleasure.

Not sure what my dish was called, to be quite honest.  All I do know is that it wasn't pho and it had grilled pork in it.  I cannot believe I ended up not getting pho.  Wut.  The freshness of the sprouts combined with the grilled flavor of the pork was an awesome marriage.  I also enjoyed the mint that was also in my dish!  I cannot get over this mint.  I ended up putting some Sriracha on it which of course added a kick.  The sauce I had here was very similar to the pork egg roll sauce.  

I would absolutely recommend Pho Tastic for sure.  I cannot wait to get back and try additional dishes, especially some more of the appetizer portions.  Are you in the Brick area and will you try it out?  Tweet me the dishes you try!

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