I recently got inspired by my new neighbors that moved in the across the street.  It got me thinking that when I moved into this neighborhood a couple of years ago, I got a warm welcome.  How could I return that? I decided to make this adorable DIY with a wine bottle.  You are more than welcome to include flowers and make it a vase, or anything else.  I decided to leave it plain with chalkboard paint so that the neighbors could decide to do with it what they please.

Here's the steps in photos:

First you'll want to start peeling off the label.  I kept the top foil on, I like the textured look.

If you're having trouble, run the bottle under hot water to loosen the adhesive and paper.

One coat at a time, paint the bottle with chalkboard paint.  I think I did about 5 for this one bottle.

I attached a cute little tab and a piece of chalk onto the bottle. My vision for this was that perhaps the neighbors can use it for oil or vinegar.  Like I said previously though, you're more than welcome to take the cork out and use it for flowers.  Either way its very welcoming!

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