I've been meaning to conquer the gigantic mess that is my closet for the longest time.  I was trying to get inspired to create something I knew I would love, but I just couldn't come up with anything.  To be honest, baskets weren't really on my radar and who knows, I could end up changing it but let me tell you, I really love the way this came out.  Best part?  I got the baskets on mega sale at Marshalls!  Check out how I did it.

As you can see, everything is just a complete mess.  The shoes all barely fit on the top shelf as it was originally deigned for just one row of shoes.  It's an eyesore and unorganized.

I breathed a sigh of relief after cleaning everything off the shelf.  I figured out that there were things I wanted to donate, things I want to get rid of, and things that needed to be organized.  

Before I loaded up the baskets, I placed them on the shelf to see where I exactly wanted them.  I wanted to get an eye for where they'd be sitting and if I would have room for another one.  I am definitely going to need more.  It looks like there will be room for only one more but that's okay, I will just continue to switch seasonally. I would recommend this for clothes and shoes to anyone who is working with a smaller space.  

Last minute I decided to add these labels.  I thought they would just be so cute and they are! As you can see, I'll have additional labels too for when I add another basket.

After all is said and done, I really like the look of it.  Everything is very plain and that's exactly what I was envisioning.  I'm still dreaming of more of a 'milk crate' look, but for now I like this.  I pulled it together for a great price, $8 per basket at Marshalls!  The tags were $1, as was the marker from the Dollar Spot at Target.  

How have you organized your house lately?  Tweet me if you recreate this!


  1. Looks much better! I've never seen the chalkboard clips, I'll have to look for those.

    1. Thank you Chanel! Definitely check out the clips in the Target Dollar Spot.