Today is my father's 55th birthday.  I cannot possibly explain in this blog post how much he means to me.  The amount of shit that we have been through as a family (him, my brother + I) is absolutely unbelievable.  Of all his 55 years on this earth, I hope that they just continue to get better and better because he deserves nothing but everything and more.  

I don't know if that even makes sense, but my family is everything to me.  I think you get the point!  Cheers to you, Dad! Check out how we celebrated.

We had my dads brother and his wife (my aunt and uncle) and my cousin come down for snacks and at the house.  We figured we'd sit around a little bit and decide what we wanted to eat.

It's Jersey Shore Restaurant Week here, so I know a bunch of places were participating.  I decided to mention the Windward Tavern (being that my dad was not into making any decisions) and that's where we ended up going.  I got NO pictures of the food, but trust me, everyone was happy!

We returned to the house for cake and coffee afterwards and for my dad to open his gifts.  These couple of above snaps are silly, but explained the mood perfectly.

I had to include that last one.  I caught my aunt with the selfie filter on Snapchat.  Overall we had an excellent day.  Happy Birthday, I love you.

Tweet me how you celebrate birthdays in your family!

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