It's Halloween and you know what that means.  When the clock strikes 12:00 midnight and turn to November 1, the Christmas decorations are going to be up and the carols are going to be playing.  I'm just being honest.  Although it's true, before all that I just wanted to share a couple of photos from last nights Halloween party that my friend Sara threw! 

There were a ton of different personalities at the party as you can see!  Everyone was pretty creative.  There were some hippies, a very creatively done gum ball machine, an animal hoarder and a whole ton of others as well.  These were just the couple of pictures I was able to snap.

Sara and her boyfriend were Cheech and Chong.  Could you just die?!  They not only did such an amazing job with the party, but their costumes were great as well.

I've known Sara since I was about 12, we've been best friends ever since.  We cheered together, went through high school together, and have basically done it all together.  So happy we got to hang.  She is one of my friendships that I cherish so much and am so thankful for.  Who is that for you?

Happy Halloween everyone!  Tweet me pictures of your costumes!

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