Can we talk about these pants for a second?  The minute I saw them in the store, I was awestruck.  I have to be honest, I knew they were coming home with me as soon as I laid eyes on them.  Something about them just makes me happy.  As they're not quite the most relaxing pattern, I never really imagined myself wearing them to bed.  Honestly, I always thought about wearing these with black heels of some sort and a black top.  I would be the one to wear these right into the office.

As you can see in the photo though, I wore them to bed!  I was in a chill mood and put them on one day and looking at the pattern didn't make me dizzy, imagine that.  There something about these pants and how aesthetically pleasing they are and they aren't even more than three colors.  I picked them up at H&M last year or so and wore them for the first time recently.  I can safely say, they'll be on my body again soon.  That's for sure!

I want to know though.  What's your opinion on wearing these harem style, tight at the ankle pants out in public?  To the office?  With the crazy designs?  Tweet me your thoughts!  Thanks for reading!

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