Affordable Halloween Tray Decor | DIY

So it is officially October and Halloween is just around the corner.  The house that I currently live in is one that last year, had the best Halloween decorations in the neighborhood (we moved in after Halloween).  I really have been trying to encourage the rest of my family to keep that tradition going but no one seems as enthusiastic about it as I do.  That's okay!  I am usually the only festive one in the household by default.  I decided to start decorating for the season and this is the first evidence of that.  Fun fact about everything used in this little DIY (except the Scotch Washi Tape)?  It was (almost) all from the Dollar Spot at Target!  Let me get started and show you how I arranged everything!

As you can see, Mickey was quite excited about the materials as well.

I took the straws out of their packing and put them in the mason jar.  I think it's always cute to have straws available for guests to stick in their mason jars of apple cider.  It also just adds to the cute ambiance of Halloween.  Kids would love this too.  Oh and did I mention this tray is Chalkboard painted?!  Yes!  It is.  I picked up the straws for $1 each and the tray for $3 in the Dollar Spot.

The pumpkin that I have sitting in the tray is just one of those mini ones that they have outside and in the produce section of Stop and Shop.  I was shopping for some food and saw them for $1 so I picked one up earlier in the week without even thinking about what I would use it for.  I found it a home.

The candle is from Bath and Body Works, Baltic Amber.  Other than Autumn from B&BW, this is my all time favorite scent for fall.  The scent is probably one of the most beautiful ones I have ever had in my home.  I love it because it smells like a strong, pure amber for me.

The Washi Tape I used here is totally optional.  To be quite honest, it is a little girly.  I LOVE it, I believe I paid $4 from Target, the Scotch brand.  There were a ton of other Halloween themed Washi Tape options in the display as well.  As I mentioned earlier, the tray is Chalkboard painted, so I took the $1 chalk that I also picked up in the Dollar Spot at Target and wrote 'Halloween 2015' on it.  This is also optional and I might even change what I write in there on occasion.  It erases very well also, so this tray is reusable for alternative holidays!

I hope you like the way I laid everything out in here!  I plan to maybe rotate things in and out.  Of course as the candle is done burning I will have to replace it and maybe as it gets closer to Halloween I will put some candy corn/pumpkins right in there next to the straws.  How do you decorate for Halloween?  Send me tweets of your decor and stayed tuned for more holiday decorations!


  1. I really enjoyed this post. Your pictures are great. I loved the straws, a bit of jealous of them actually.

    1. Thanks so much Ida! Do you have a Target near you? Where are you from? They were $1 in the Dollar Spot!