What's On My Desk?

I'm always on the journey to make my room the most zen place it can possibly be.  You can ask anyone that knows me, they will tell you.  I think it is so important to make sure that your space is a place that you love.  Especially if you work in that space.  Today, I am showing you my desk!  I am so excited to share it with you because it's a place that I have been thinking about for a long time. 

I have to be completely honest, I am always thinking about this space.  I always wonder if there is something else I can do to make it better and I always end up finding something.  So to say this is how it will stay and that this is how it's always been is a complete lie.  I'm sure you all feel the same way?  The desk is from Target, to begin with!

The first little section of my desk is full of stuff that I love.  On the top I have this adorable bowl that I got from Marshalls that I use as basically a 'catchall.'  I like to have something like this so I can put my watches, debit card, a couple of bucks and whatever else I have in it.  It's better than just putting random stuff all over my room.  It helps keep everything just a little bit more put together.  

Draped over the bowl is one of my million flower crowns that I have.  I always have them where you can see them in my room because they're gorgeous and always keep me happy. To the right of the bowl I have this 'broadway' inspired light that really doesn't match the decor of my room, but I had to have it because it was an I.  Under the bowl I have two watch boxes from the MK watches that I have, a notepad that's green with the title 'Brilliant Ideas' on it, Mr. Kate's A Hot Glue Gun Mess and my programs from the 2015 Haskell (!!).

In the front of that random stack of things, I have some candles.  These are my ultimate favorite summer candles and they were $5 at Target!  So simple, but they are the epitome of summer to me, a perfect mix of sunscreen and salt water.  What more could you want in a summery candle?  These are the last of my summer candles that I have for the season, makes me very sad.

Randomly to the left of the stack of things on my desk, I have wire cutters.  I used them for a DIY the other day and haven't put them away yet.  I have a feeling I'll need them again. 

In the middle section of my desk, I have a couple of things that are always chilling there.  I always like to keep a lotion on my desk at all times.  I normally have Eucalyptus Spearmint, but I ran out of it so I'm using White Tea and Ginger right now while I wait for my lazy self to buy another one.  A desk staple, a tape dispenser, sits right next to the lotion.  Right next to that I have my Bobbi Brown Beach perfume because the bottle is so beautifully simple and the little finger point to the actual beach that I have on my desk ;).  Right next to that is an old camera that used to be my dads that he gave to me.  I love looking at it even though I can't use it.

I just of course HAD to include this cute little mug because it was the one I was using the day I shot this blog post.  I picked it up one day when I was in Marshalls and it is just the cutest little thing.  I always have coffee in the morning and I like to find the cutest mugs possible and I think this qualifies. Secondly, the most important thing on my desk and definitely my favorite is my zen beach from Brookstone.  

I got this for my birthday a couple of years ago and it is probably my most prized possession.  It is so relaxing to just look at, but if you feel particularly stressed, you can just pick up the sand and play with it, make shapes with it, and rake it.  I absolutely love it because I always wish I was at the beach, so when I'm working, I can just look at it and know that I'm basically there.

Last but not least is my mouse pad.  I don't love it or anything, but it's cute for now.  I think I actually make my own sometime soon.  I have had this forever and a day and I'm getting tired of it.

I hope you liked this quick little tour through my desk.  I love my workspace, it makes me happy and keeps me inspired.  Tweet me photos of yours!  

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