Tweed Brunch

Yesterday I had a brunch that my best friends mother threw for her entire bridal party and I was so excited for it.  She wanted to have a little get together so that we could all chat and get a chance to know each other even more and I was excited to be there.  We all have busy lives so it was nice to have a second to completely decompress and talk about the wedding.  

Not to mention the delicious champagne and food as well as the dress shopping that we did afterwards!  We ended up finding our bridesmaids dresses and we were so excited. I decided to go with a comfortable outfit that I knew would be easy to slip on and off, being that I knew we were dress shopping after the brunch.  Here's what I ended up with!

I decided to go watchless because I kind of wanted to detach myself from time.  I'm sure we all feel that way at some point in life, right?  Especially sense I always am doing a million and one things!  What do you see yourself wearing to a 'fall-inspired' brunch?  Tweet me your outfits.