Lunch Time | The Cabin

The Cabin has been one of our family favorites for a while.  We've been there for lunch, for dinner.  With the family, with our friends.  I've tried so many different things on the menu and many different drinks as well.  We visited for a late lunch yesterday after the orchard, here's what I had!

I started off with a black cherry cider.  Last time I came to The Cabin, a friend of mine had a beer flight with three different kinds, this being one of them.  I LOVED it.  I definitely sat right down at the table this time and ordered it right away.  It's just a crisp drink that I would say is good for fall, but it's just good for every season.  The Cabin also has a really cool craft beer and drink menu.

You can also see that I had a French Onion soup.  Everyone at the table ordered the soup except for one of us and we all enjoyed it, so delicious and perfect for after a day of apple picking.  Look at the delicious cheese, ugh thank god it's the weekend! 

I ordered a sandwich called, 'The Logsplitter' which I'm sure sounds a little bizarre.  Let me tell you, it was absolutely delicious.  It was a buttermilk battered chicken breast topped with bacon, cheddar and Monterey jack cheeses served on a kaiser roll.  It of course came with a side of fries, coleslaw and a pickle.  My cousin actually had a burger that came with onion strings and he didn't like them, so I stole some for the top of my sandwich. They have a ton of different sandwiches/burgers that you wont find anywhere else, which is refreshing because I'm tired of eating the same thing to be honest.

If you are in New Jersey, definitely check out the menu for information about what live entertainment and specials they have going on at The Cabin. You'll love it because it's such an enjoyable, fun place. The vibe inside is a log cabin with really cool decor, football games always playing, and tons of room for big parties. You can even go there, grab a meal and sit at the bar afterwards (perfect).

Where do you and your family/friends like to go and eat?  Tweet me your recommendations!

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