Summer Ends, Fall Begins | Beauty I'd Like To Try

As summer sadly comes to a close, there are a few beauty items have my mind set on to cool the burn of my favorite season ending.  There are three things here; two practical, one just to lighten the mood.

First of all, Ari by Ariana Grande.  I know, it's a guilty pleasure.  Normally I don't like ANYTHING like this, but I find this scent so girly and cute and I am such a huge Ariana fan.  I can't help it but want to try the fragrance.  I mean, look at the bottle!  So freaking adorable.  

I have a normal Clarisonic and I am absolutely obsessed with it.  I must admit, I wish I was better with using it, as I haven't used it all summer (so bad), but I love it.  When I realized that they had the Pedi version, I wanted it instantly but never picked it up and just resorted to getting pedicures.  Is that lazy of me?  Probably, but I just love my pedicure place.  They do an amazing job.  I have extremely harsh skin in general, but my heels are absolutely awful.  If I get the Pedi for Clarisonic, maybe I will gain the confidence to do a post about how well it works and my transformation of the skin on my heels.  That's if my heart can handle putting that on the internet (eeeek). 

I've been lusting after this Glam Glow mask for what feels like years now.  I don't know why, but I think I've both heard awesome things about it AND have just read about it and I can't take my mind off of it.  I think it's the almost $70 price tag that has me hesitating on the purchase, because for a FACE MASK, I just don't love to spend $70.

Have you tried the Ariana Grande fragrance, the Pedi version of the Clarisonic or the Glam Glow mask yet?  Let me know in the comments or send me a tweet.  Thanks for reading of course!

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