Rainy Day DIY: Flower Chandelier

I have to say, I'm always a sucker for almost anything DIY.  Not to mention if it has to do with flowers, I almost instantly fall in love. A third bonus? LACE!  I found this idea on Arlyne Sanjines YouTube channel in one of her room decor videos and I instantly loved it.  My first though was about how cute it was and the second thought was about how SIMPLE it seemed to be to make.  

I must admit, it took longer and more materials than I thought.  I had to run back to the craft store for more ribbon, so make sure you get enough the first time!  Also, make sure you go to the craft store to buy all of your materials!  I say this because I tried looking at target and found the crochet circle there for about $6, the one I ended up using I found at the craft store for a little over $2.

Materials you'll need:

3 - rolls of lace ribbon
1 - crochet circle
2 - push pins (preferably that match the ribbons/ceiling color) OR a hook
many - faux flowers of your choice
1- wire cutters
1- scissors 

As you can see, I used a crochet circle to start the flower chandelier.  This is literally the easiest thing to work with and (as you can see) you can tighten and loosen the circle should you need to.  The reason I mention this is because I needed to as I was wrapping the ribbon around the circle.  I didn't use any hot glue to put the ribbon in place.  When I was rapping the ribbon around, I just tightened the circle and I didn't need to worry about the hot glue at all.

As you can see, I did one layer of ribbon around the circle. If you want a less opaque view of the circle underneath, you can feel free to wrap another layer or get a thicker ribbon.  The reason I chose to stay with one layer is because I like the rustic look of the whole thing and being able to see the wood circle underneath.  This is totally up to you.

I tied each flower to the ring one at a time. I spaced them evenly and just did: red, white, blue.  If you plan to use multiple different flowers, that's okay too!  This is where you can take it into your own hands and really get creative with it.  This is definitely the most time consuming part, but so worth it!

As you can see, the flowers hang at different heights.  I love this about the chandelier, it's my favorite part.  If you have different size flowers, that will most likely dictate how and where you will hang them.  That is totally okay, it's up to you!

As you can see, I used push pins to secure it to the ceiling.  ALSO I just have to mention how awful it is that I have a bright pink and bright green pin.  Don't judge me, I'll be replacing them soon.  It was very simple to tie the four pieces of ribbon to the crochet circle in equal distance and then pin them to the ceiling at the end.  

This is what the final project looks like! I am so obsessed with the way it came out.  As you can tell, you can't see the push pins from really any other angles than the top. I just love the way everything looks in my room with the star lights on and regular lights off, the ambiance is so gorgeous, it makes me feel very relaxed.  I actually wish my entire room had these hanging all over the ceiling, but I must restrain myself. 

Try and make one and tweet me your results!  Thanks, as always, for reading! 

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