Lunch Time | The Crooked Knife

I had lunch recently at The Crooked Knife's 30th Street location and I was excited to finally be giving it a try.  Honestly, I had heard about it in conversation from people who said that it was a great brunch place, but I am NEVER in the city with time to have brunch.  Needless to say, I never get a chance to have brunch anywhere.  Lame, I know.  The city is the best place for brunch.

Anyway.  I was stoked to finally try out The Crooked Knife and it felt like a homey place as soon as I walked in.  There's a small outdoor seating area that's really nothing special.  My favorite part about it was the orange chairs.  Nice pop of (my favorite) color. It basically looks like every other sidewalk seating arrangement in New York otherwise.  I chose to sit inside, it looked more adventurous, more enjoyable.  Boy was I right, there was about a million things on the walls.

If I must be honest, it was a bit 'Friends-y/Central Perk-y'.  Perky?  Yeah, I don't know about that either.  Look at the homey elements all over the place.  I think I was just about the first person there because I had actually caught an early lunch.  Believe it or not, this WASN'T their brunch, they only offer it on the weekend.  Regardless I was happy to be there and was met with a friendly waiter who let me select my seat of choice.  Very pleasant guy.  I wanted to observe the rest of the restaurant, so I sat in the subdued corner and started sipping away on my ~*water*~.

Can someone tell me why the ceiling it so cool?  I was mesmerized by it.  I think most times when you see a ceiling of this nature, it's almost always white.  At least in my case.  I thought this was cool, I think this is definitely a place to come and hang on the chillier, bone cold days of winter.

While I patiently waited on my Mimosa (!!!!), I stole a stare at this little guy, chillin' in the window.  I mean honestly, how cute?  A bunch of random, cute things in this place.  Gotta love it.

It wasn't long till I was able to sip away.  

I know, I'll let your jaw drop.  :O  I had to ask the waitress what the 'Chicken Filet' burger was before I ordered it because I didn't know what it came with and there was no explanation on the menu.  When she mentioned, "Oh honey, it's a chicken cutlet on a sesame bun, garlic aioli, lettuce and tomato," she continued, "it comes with chunky fries and homemade slaw."  I was like ooooooh gawl.  NOT diet friendly food at all.  Want to know how I justified it?  Of course you do.  I hadn't eaten anything yet that day and probably wouldn't until dinner.  I dug right in.  

The slaw was delicious!  It wasn't an overwhelming amount of mayonnaise and just the right amount of pepper.  I hate an uneven mixture of both.  I ended up topping the sandwich with the slaw.  It was a great idea.  Can we talk about these 'chunky fries?'  Yes we can.  They were great. I wish they had been a LITTLE crispier, but who doesn't love a fatter version of a french fry?  Hello.  Ugh.  As you can see, just casually working my way through that Mimosa in the background.  ;)

The staff at this place was really nice.  They were really chill people and very pleasant.  When I was done eating, I took out my laptop and started doing some work.  No one pressured me with the check, I actually had to ask for it when I was ready to leave.  By this time there were several more busy tables in the restaurant.  I'd say I was there about 45 minutes.  I also LOVED the music!  It was all classic/Frank Sinatra, etc.  Classic is my everything.  I especially love it when I'm working.

Where are your favorite brunch places?  Places to eat lunch?  Tweet them to me!