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I have been an IT Cosmetics fan for a while now.  Ever since I was told about the CC Cream that helps with redness, I have not used another foundation/tinted moisturizer.  As I don't wear any foundation (or makeup at all really) in the summer, I haven't been wearing anything for the past couple of months and I am excited to start 'glaming up' again for fall.  When I say 'glaming up' I really don't mean much, lol.  I just mean getting back to wearing darker lip colors, tinted moisturizer, a more robust skincare routine and blush.  Also a heavier application of eyeliner and mascara is more probable for me.  Again, when I say heavy, I just mean applying it more often.

My traditional light application of makeup is probably why I love IT Cosmetics so much.  I find that IT is a brand that is not so hung up on how it can change your look dramatically and colorfully, but it is a brand that can help with skincare, and that has been developed with dermatologists.  I first gravitated toward the CC cream when I was in Ulta and one of the employees mentioned it to me when I told her I wanted to conceal redness.  I haven't looked back since. Here are a few IT Cosmetics products that have found their way into my lap for fall.  

The Bye Bye Redness is a product that I haven't even tried yet.  I cannot wait to start using it.  I've been told that it will work tremendously well with the CC cream, so I'm looking forward to it.

Bye Bye Undereye is wonderful.  I am happy I have this new tube because I needed one.  I love the opacity of this formula, but also how it doesn't look too cakey (yes, liquid concealer CAN look cakey).  

Let's all take a second and bow down to the almighty.  I would recommend this CC cream to absolutely anyone.  Whether you are a fan of a light coverage but a lot of makeup, or if you just like a light coverage and just a little mascara and eyeliner.  What I love most about this formula is that it is perfect for my skin that is SO dry.  Also, I have a horrible case of eczema.  I get it horribly in the winter and sometimes it TAKES OVER my face.  This CC cream is hypoallergenic and I couldn't be more thankful for that.  Raise your hand if you have sensitive skin! *raises hand*

Another IT product that I have not used yet but am excited too, a stippling brush!

I am so thrilled to have been given these IT cosmetics products.  As you've read, I've used a few and some I haven't.  I can't wait to report back on my thoughts for the new products.  Have you tried IT?  If not, what are you waiting for?  Tweet me your favorites.

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