Floral Letter Wall Art | DIY

I've had the yearning to do another floral craft for the longest time.  I love flowers so anything I can make with faux flowers that will last me a long time, I am all FOR! Aside from the assorted beautiful real flowers and succulents I have in my house, it's always nice to have something extra.  That's when I got to thinking, I want to make a floral letter for wall art in my room!  Best thing about this DIY?  Most things, including the faux flowers are from the dollar store!  :O I know!  Here's how to do it.

You're going to need assorted faux flowers, which like I said, I got from the dollar store (Dollar Tree to be exact).  They didn't have the best color selection, mostly red, orange and white.  This could be due to the season.  You're going to also need ribbon (I got this for about $1.25 at Target on sale), adhesive of some kind (the one on the left is from the Dollar Tree) or a glue gun (the one on the right is from target, I paid $8.99). 

Not mentioned, I must also mention that in the end you'll see I've used string lights that looks like this and Command Strips that look like this.

The first thing you'll do is take the petals off of all of the flowers.  If you end up not using all of them, that's okay, you'll be able to put them back on the stems and use them to make something else.  

Once you've done so, lay the flowers out the way you want to glue them together.  I've chosen not to use a stuff backing like cardboard, wood, etc. just because I want the letter to look like its free-flowing, not that it's so structured.  I also wanted to be able to change the shape of it if I needed to.

After the flowers are laid out, give yourself the time to arrange the ribbon as well so that you know that the flowers will sit perfectly on the ribbon.  Don't glue the ribbon pieces together just yet.

At this point, go ahead and start gluing the flowers onto the ribbon in the way that you've laid them out.  Make sure you take your time and when you flip the ribbon, you have everything on the right side.  Once you've got all of your flowers on the ribbon, glue the ribbons together.  

You've done it!  Here's what it looks like on the wall during the day.  I had to get a couple of shots of it with the lights I chose to add.  I didn't keep the lights on it in the end, but I wanted to show you some options!  How do you like it best?  Lights or no lights?

What do you think?  Will you give it a try?  Tweet me a photo with your recreations!

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