Current Candle Crave | End of Summer

I haven't posted a Current Candle Crave in the longest time.  I think the reason is because I definitely burn through all of the candles that I have waaaay too quickly.  I don't really see that as a problem though ;).  I am candle obsessed, you can ask anyone that knows me.  I take a liking to Wallflowers from Bath and Body Works but I don't really ever buy them because I am so much more obsessed with candles.  I burn them all year long because I feel like there's always a candle for the season.  Here's what I've been completely obsessed with and here are the reasons why.

BE THANKFUL | Target, $8

Apparently there are notes of cinnamon, amber, pomegranate and plum.  Does that not sound like one of the absolute best scents for fall you've ever heard of?  I am a huge fan of 'Autumn' from Bath and Body Works and this candle KIND OF reminds me of that.  I don't normally love some of the traditional scents like 'Leaves' or 'Pumpkin This.. Pumpkin That' so I am so happy to discover candles that are different.  This is also another really cool way to bring in fall because it's not so harsh and it makes it a little easier to bring in the season that comes right after my favorite one ends.  

SUN KISSED | Target, $8

I want to smile and cry at the same time when I think about this candle.  This is one of my favorite summer candles and I hate that it's the last one I have before fall arrives.  I don't mind burning fall candles, but it just means summer is over.  Honestly it's the perfect blend of summer, sunscreen and happiness all jarred up into a candle.  I wouldn't mind burning it in the midst of a harsh winter just to brighten my day up a little bit.  

How adorable are the rose gold tops of these candles?  Not only are they great candles, but they look pretty even when you're not burning them too. 

This is how the candle burns.  I can't say I am super impressed with it, but things like this don't ever bother me.  People in the candle world probably beg to differ. 

The smaller candles burned the same.

What candles are you loving when summer ends?  Tweet me some suggestions!


  1. Shut the front door! I just bought their Autumn Harvest and Pumpkin Cheesecake candles last weekend and they smell edible. Love them. Cheaper than BBW and they smell just as good. I don't like when they burn that way but my simple solution is to just take a Q-Tip and push it down when the candle is burning.

  2. Oooooh Autumn Harvest sounds so good! I have to give it a try! Totally happier with the price point at Target and thank you for that awesome tip with the Q-Tip, I'll be trying that for sure!

  3. I am obsessed with candles, especially during fall time! I must get the Be Thankful one you have featured. Great post and I love your blog! Cant wait to read more!

    xo Tiffany |

  4. Thanks Tiffany! Be Thankful was a really nice candle, I enjoyed it! Great to have you here on the blog! xo