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Ladies and gentlemen the wedding is getting real!  Not like it hasn't been prior, but goodness gracious I can't believe how much closer it's been feeling like it is.  The bride decided that she wanted to have a brunch to celebrate her bridal party and afterwards, go dress shopping.  That's what she did.

The brunch was absolutely darling.  We had filet and horseradish tea sandwiches, turkey, brie and cranberry tea sandwiches, salad and more.  On the desert menu, homemade cream puffs, brownies and chocolate covered strawberries.  Her mother is so amazing and threw the cutest brunch for us and I am so thankful for her!  

Not only did we also have champagne and tons of other delicious food, the bride's mom gave us these darling little tea pots!  I mean, COME ON.  The table was decorated perfectly and everyone was having a great time.  Even the bride:

After our brunch, as I mentioned, we went dress shopping.  None of the dresses here were chosen, but we had such an awesome time checking out what the bride liked and exploring different colors.  The bride wasn't dedicated to only one color, but she had an idea of what she liked and didn't like, as you could tell here.

What is your favorite part of the wedding planning process?  How do you celebrate your bridal party?  Tweet me some of your best wedding experiences!

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