Beachy Vibes

This summer was absolutely beautiful and I am so thankful for that.  I wanted to share a couple of scenes from the beach with you that I just cherish so much.  I love spending my free time in the sand, the water and just relaxing.  For me, the beach is more than just a place to get a tan, it's a place for reflection.  It's a place for serenity.

I've always been a fan of these foot chains, but this year I was completely obsessed with this one that I found at Old Navy for about $12.  So CUTE!  I took it off to go in the water, but I just love it.

I for some reason loved this funny picture of mine.  I loved wearing this hat to everything I did this summer, especially to the beach.  My favorite bathing suit this year was the one I got for... are you ready for this? ONE CENT at Old Navy. It is just a simple black one piece with a low dipped V neck.  I was obsessed with it and wearing it absolutely everywhere ALL SUMMER.

Other than my Polo hat above, this is another style I've been wearing to the beach.  I just love these cute little straw hats with the delicate ribbons.  Perfect to keep the sun out when you're not sun bathing and perfect to just be cute in.  :)

I have been using this backpack all summer to bring things to the beach.  It's obviously easy to just throw over your shoulder and there's enough room to throw a couple of essentials.

So for the summer, I have been using a couple of different dry oils.  Hawaiian Tropic has always been my favorite brand of sun protectant in general and I love their dry oils.  When I was young, the women in my family used to always use Banana Boat so I always have that one on 'speed dial' for lack of better words.  The Coppertone was just a childhood classic that I remember using when I was young and to find the dry oil version just made me happy.  I have to say I actually recommend all three of these.  They are all my favorites.

I hope you all have the opportunity to visit the beach over the summer.  I am very thankful to live right near one.  Tweet me and let me know what things you bring with you!

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