The Happy Moments of Late August

What a beautiful summer it has been.  I have been so happy with the weather later on this summer because as it began, it seemed like every single weekend it was raining or something.  

I have been working so hard lately on consistency with my running and working out and it has been paying off so much.  I feel so much better and that it has benefitted me in a plethora of different ways.  It will be sooner than later when I have to try on bridesmaids dresses for my best friends wedding and I want to be happy trying them on, not depressed.  I am on my way.  

With that being said, the above are two snaps I took on some of the runs I've been going on lately.

This past weekend I went shopping where I had only one thing in mind that I wanted to pick up: a pencil skirt.  Did I get that?  Nope.  What did I buy?  A bunch of flower crowns for inspiration to make my own, a few dresses for whats left of summer and some workout clothes.  I was happy.

On the right is a selfie in front of the Trade Center from my friend's apartment.  I was so happy to hang out with her that day because we have both been so stressed lately and we really needed a day to decompress.  We had the best time, more on that later!

Washington Square Park is one of my favorites and I don't get a chance to see it enough. I was so happy to be downtown at an appointment and I was so happy to be able to walk through with such a spectacular view.  Hello there little Trade Center.  :)<3

My friend took me to this place called Mad Dogs on Stone Street.  I had actually never been to Stone Street before, so I was so excited to try some margaritas and guac from Mad Dogs.  As you can tell, I waited a little bit too long to take the photo as the guac is gone and our margaritas aren't fresh.  This was right before we decided to walk a little further downtown to check out this amazingly random Chainsmokers concert as part of Z100's End of Summer Bash.  I LOVE NEW YORK.

On the left is a beautiful mojito with fresh mint that my dad made me from his garden.  He's growing this amazing garden that he's been harvesting from all season.  SO awesome.  I added an adorable little straw and had to drink it in a mason jar.  So summery.  

BTW - how CUTE is this throwback photo that I found!?  I think I've mentioned it before but I don't have many older photos so the ones that I have, I am so excited to find every once in a while.

One day last weekend, my aunt, uncle and cousin came down and was so nice to grill up some awesome stuff for us.  As you can see, Mickey was eyeing it all up.  We had such an awesome time, it's always the best to hang out with family.  

Finally, on Sunday night I came out to see my cousin perform like the rockstar he is.  He was in the Big Joe Henry Talent Show for Z100.  He did such an amazing job as he always does, playing harmonica and guitar.  He is so talented.

How has the end of your August been?  I have been really enjoying it.  So many fantastic days and people to share them with.  Let me know what you've been up to and send me a tweet!  -Brit.

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