Spirits and Shoes #SubwaySeries

So it's safe to say that I have been the busiest I have ever been in my life lately.  I have so many things going on that it's really hard to even take a second to sit here and write a blog post.  Don't get me wrong, I am so thankful, but I am so happy to have a relaxing weekend this time around (July 4th weekend) to decompress.  I decided to call this installment of my #SubwaySeries 'Spirits and Shoes' because lately, that seems like what my life revolves around.  Lunches and drinks with coworkers and friends and some kick ass shoes.  I hope you enjoy!

Spirit #1: This is an awesome tropical mango margarita from Rosa Mexicana in W. 18th!

Shoe #1: I call this one 'Fringe Benefits,' they're from Aldo!

Spirit #2: This is a Prickly Pear Margarita from Dos Caminos on Park Avenue.

Shoe #2: This is a relaxing shot with my Daniel Wellington watch and these shoes from Aldo.

Spirit #3: This is a Rose from Rogue on Broadway.

Shoe #3: You can't get the full effect of these from this photo but they're elegant slip ons with a gold heel from Aldo.  They were surprisingly difficult to break in but I love them.

Spirit #4: This is a margarita and kale/quinoa salad from Mexicue on Broadway!

Shoe #4: These are white sneakers that are also from Aldo, nice and comfortable with gold accents.

Spirit #5: This is a nice Rose from Hillstone on Park Avenue.  I really enjoyed this one.

Spirit #6: This is a Brut Freixenet Champagne from Harpoon Willy's in Manasquan, NJ.

Spirit #7: This is a Grapefruit Paloma from Mexicue on Broadway (the coworkers and I are regulars there).

Spirit #8: This is a Mint Julep from Maysville on 26th street.  I really like this place!

Shoe #5: I have been waiting for spring/summer to wear these!  They are from Target a couple of years ago.  I just absolutely love them, they are so comfortable and wearable.

Spirit #9: I don't even remember what this was called but it was absolutely delicious.  I got it at The Nomad which is on 28th Street I believe.  Love the ambiance of this place.

Spirit #10: A subtle, but enjoyable Rose from The Pavilion in Union Square.  This place was very enjoyable and perfect for spring.

Let me know what you've been wearing and drinking lately!  I would love to try some new shoes and places.  Send me a tweet and thanks for reading, as always! -Brit.

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