Subway Shoe Snaps #SubwaySeries

I figured I would do my own 'Subway Series' of sorts.  I know, I'm just so hilarious.  For the past couple of weeks there have been some shoes in particular that I have been absolutely obsessed with.  I always seem to snap some shots when I am standing on the train waiting for the doors to close.  Being that I spend so much time on the train, I figured I would share some of these with you!  Check it out.

This first pair is from Nine West.  The heel is so comfortable and super easy to walk around NYC with.  I love the idea of wearing commuter shoes and then changing when I walk into the office, but when I can wear heels straight to the office without changing, it's even better!  My black slacks are from Old Navy and my jacket is from H&M.

These are actually also from Nine West and heels as well! Yet another pair from the brand that I absolutely love and can walk around the city in.  They are super comfortable with a really cute spring floral pattern on them.  My pants are cuffed rockstar skinnies from Old Navy that are so comfortable as well.  I am wearing the same jacket as above, my purse is from Forever 21 and the dust bag inside of my purse is actually Rebecca Minkoff and it's holding my laptop that I needed to bring in that day!

These are super adorable 'Keds-style' shoes that I got from Charlotte Russe.  I remember picking these up and thinking how cute they were and how fun they were going to be to style.  Of course it goes without saying that these are really easy to walk around the city in, I cannot complain at all!  The pants are navy blue slacks from Old Navy that I absolutely love and are so comfortable, the same pair as the first place pants.  The jacket is once again the same from H&M.   

Here is a quick shot while waiting to head home.  These shoes are a quilted pattern and finish that I got from Charlotte Russe alongside the above pair.  It was a chillier day so I was wearing a scarf from H&M, the pants are rockstar pixies from Old Navy and the same jacket is from H&M.  These polka dot pants always just make me so happy.  

I hope you've enjoyed the first installment of my #SubwaySeries, Subway Shoe Snaps!  Tweet me wha you have been wearing as Spring begins to grace us with its presence.  Thanks for reading as always!  Talk to you soon.  -Brit.

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