Spring is here! #SubwaySeries

I'm slightly annoyed that I haven't had a chance to post lately but there are so many reasons why.  I decided that I would spare you the details though and get on with the next Subway Series!  There are a couple shots in here that come with stories and I am so excited to tell them.

These shoes though :O!  I was so excited when I found them at Aldo and got them for a pretty good price.  I was actually looking for a simple black flat that I can wear with everything because it's an empty spot in my wardrobe that I didn't even notice that I had.  I just started wearing another pair of simple black and tan flats from Aldo that I bought last season, but I was wearing them so much that they started getting too worn.  These are just ridiculously cute and very regal if I do say so myself.


This picture is kind of more about my pants I guess, but I had to include it.  I hated the color of my pedicure and I was completely casually relaxing on my train ride home.  I guess I just felt inclined to capture the moment.  I'm wearing these simple brown sandals from last season that I just cannot get enough of, I don't know why.  Where can I get a pair of these that is a little more upgraded?  Does anyone know?  Also, I'd want them in black.  Share some ideas!

On the left I have a shot of these Steve Madden loafers I have had for like three seasons.  I am not crazy about them and the only reason I wore them was because I told a coworker about them and she wanted to see them.  They are so uncomfortable and now that I think about it and look at them more, they're ugly lol.  Ugh.  On the right, a more exciting shot.  It was my best friends birthday!  I was commuting over to her from work instead of going home and I had all these gifts for her: Crumbs, flowers, a bracelet and some Veuve. Could a birthday really be any better?  I don't think so. The shoes I'm wearing are from Charlotte Russe and they are so 'Burberry.'  Love them so much. 

This is a special shot from a weekend at the farmers market.  It was actually Mother's Day weekend and I was in full mode of spoiling my dad!  He's the best mother and father I have ever had.  I'm wearing acid wash jeans and just some basic Old Navy flip flops.  Not sure where dads sneakers are from (haha).  My awesome coconut smoothie from Shore Shake was a nice surprise for the weekend.

Here's another shot where I'm wearing these sandals.  I told you I was obsessed.  There was standing room only on this train so I was in the vestibule and I was perfectly okay with that.  On the Nook: Clinton Cash.  I read it in one day, it was incredibly insightful.  I would recommend it to anyone.  I was slightly obsessed with this springy outfit for the day as well.  I was so happy because it was full of color.  I'm looking for a new bag as well.  The one here is from Forever 21 but I am so over it.

I hope you enjoyed the second installment of Subway Series.  This deviated from the norm of my Subway Series, but that's okay.  Tweet me a picture of your recent footwear!  Thanks for reading as always! -Brit.

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