Warby Parker At Home Try On!

I am SO excited to be writing this post right now!  I have been wanting to try Warby Parker for the longest time and I have finally done it.  There is going to be a follow up post about the process after I've chosen the pair that I like the best but this is just informational about the first couple of steps in the process.

After going to the website and entering my information, I was asked for my credit card info.  I was charged $1 just for authorization and probably just for Warby Parkers assurance. I didn't mind it at all because everything was so incredibly seamless.  After doing so, I was able to select any of the frames that are on the website at any price.  I selected five I liked the best and they sent them my way for free! I heard of this service a long time ago and I'm so excited to finally do it.

Here's a preview of what the inside of the box looked like:   

I can't wait to further share my choices with you!  Stay tuned. -Brit.

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