Terrarium Time!

As you all know, there's no shortage of love in my body for succulents and terrariums.  I had been planning to make another one for some time now but time just hasn't allowed.  I finally had the chance to go shopping for all of the materials to make one and the first place I went might actually surprise you.  

Marshalls is actually one of the best places to get a container when you plan to make a terrarium.  They have a ton of different options at outrageously great prices.  I have a friend who also likes to make terrariums and she normally goes for a nontraditional look with hers and she found a skull container and other assorted shapes and sizes.  You would be shocked to see what you can find so definitely check it out!

Right now Lowes has an absolutely amazing selection of succulents and cacti.  I couldn't have been happier when I walked into the greenhouse and saw so many selections.  When you're looking at the options, don't forget to pick up some soil that is specifically for cacti, it should be right next to where you'll see all of your options for succulents and cacti.  They will try to entice you with sand and pebbles and stones and all this other stuff but do not fall victim! 

I have to admit this is probably the terrarium that I have made that I most proud of because it is absolutely stunning.  I didn't even realize that when I was selecting some of the plants to include, they were matching!  I had just been picking out some of the ones that I loved the most but I didn't realize that they all had a purple motif.  So, if matching is something that you enjoy, try and design your terrarium that way!

First I put a layer of soil in the bottom of the open bowl.  After that, I decided to plant the largest plant and then situate some of the rocks on the side.  I don't know why, but when I was planning to build this terrarium, I had in mind to include some rocks.  I specifically wanted to have them included in the design.  So if you're not sure what you want to include or you don't know where to start with your terrarium, planning it out a little bit beforehand is a great place to start.

After the largest plant was included, I started placing everything else around it and designing everything as I went along.  If you're not a planner or a control freak when it comes to DIYs, this is the best way to go.  I really think it comes out best when you just go with the flow.  Here is the final photo!

I hope that you absolutely love this as much as I do! Let me know your process on how you decorate your terrariums.  Have you ever made one before?  Send me a tweet and let me know where you get your succulents from as well!  Thanks for reading as always.  -Brit.

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