Ally's Engagement Party!

I'm a little behind on my posts but it's for a great reason.  I have been so busy with things but as I sit here on Easter after my family has left, I am just so happy to have some time to chill.  Last weekend I went up north to Ally's house for her engagement party.  She had been planning to have a party for a while after her engagement in November, but it was put on hold for a couple of different reasons.

I've been waiting to celebrate with her for so long in a more grandiose way.  We've been celebrating in our own little way every time we see each other but we were both looking forward to the party.  There were a couple of surprises that we both didn't know about, check them out.


I started off the day going up to her house in the morning so we could shop a little before the party.  Ally had picked out a shirt and pants that she wanted to wear for the party but she was told that she looked 'matronly' so she wanted something else to wear (LOL).  SO, needless to say we went shopping and we found the adorable top (white, lace tank) from Target and the black cardigan from Marshalls.  The back of the cardigan is adorable!


Phase one of the party was just getting everyone there.  Sense the decorations were going to be a surprise for both Ally and her fiance, they were blindfolded and lead to the clubhouse.  Little did Ally know that the decorations were not the ONLY surprises, her cousin was here from California for the party!


 Adorable cake.  Who KNEW people still put photos on cakes?  Maybe I'm behind the times but this is pretty cute.  I hate this photo of us because honestly we were both drinking.  I was trying to make sure that Ally was having a good time and she was busy greeting everyone else.  So all of those things combined didn't make for any good pictures haha.  SO, if as a MOH you're at the engagement party, don't freak out if you don't get any good photos.  Chances are someone else is taking them and you'll see them later.  Plus, there are going to be plenty of opportunities to take photos and celebrate throughout the whole time you're planning for the wedding.

The decor of the place was incredible.  You can see Ally's fiance in the distance taking everything in.  The white branches were beautiful and they were actually what Ally wanted for the wedding originally, so it's kind of cool to have them at the engagement party.  The candles and lights were magical and awesome and everything looked incredible with the lights turned off.

This last photo is kind of showing you how Ally asked everyone to be her maid of honor.  She decorated boxes with memories of each bridesmaid and her.  Inside the box she included and cute little notebook with a message inside asking them to be her bridesmaid.  It was absolutely adorable and made everyone so happy (as you can see in the photo).  

How have you celebrated engagement parties in the past?  This was really fun and I was so happy to share it with my best friend!  Send me a tweet and let me know.  Thanks for reading! -Brit.

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