#DearMe, Champagne and Best Friend Time!

What a great couple of days it has been.  I honestly have to report again in this blog post that I have been so happy in the past couple of weeks and 2015 has been such an amazing year so far.  

I know that recently, YouTube has launched a campaign called the #DearMe campaign, where ladies have been talking about things that have made them who they are, and what they would have said to themselves when they were younger.  I would just want to tell myself that dreams do come true.  Little B, you are going to get what you deserve if you work hard for it.

ANYWAY!  Enough with the sappy stuff!  Here are a couple of things that have inspire me this weekend and some other things that I have done.

Let's start it off with this absolutely stunning photo of New York City.  I went to Brooklyn on Friday and was able to snap this photo of the Manhattan skyline just before it got dark.  I was so happy about it and while I was in the backseat of the car driving, I snapped this among many other shitty shots.  When you look at something this beautiful, it really makes you appreciate everything you have and everything that you work so hard for.


This is another impressive shot coming over a bridge in my town.  I love this photo because it almost looks like it was taken in Hawaii or something and that what is really ice here, looks like crispy clear water.

I got my first NatureBox and I was so excited for it!  My friend sent me an invite code and I got a completely free first box with 5 full size snacks and 1 bonus snack.  I must say, I got a few weird snacks that I wasn't really that impressed at, but hey - what can you do?  I learned my lesson and went online to order the ones that will come in next months box.  If I don't like them I'll cancel the service.  That's what I have to say about that.  I'm not intensely impressed.

I went to 709 this weekend with Ally.  We started the day with a glass of wine and a hummus platter at Harpoon Willy's.  We were going to sit there and eat before we got nails done but the place was so busy and someone was having a private party and it was so loud in there.  We decided to go to 709.

We knew we wanted champagne so we decided to just get a bottle (lol) and hangout for a while.  We got two appetizers there that I didn't even get a chance to take a photo of because we both ate it all so fast (also lol).  We got teriyaki chicken meatballs and soft pretzels with mustard dipping sauce. 

Ally got an order of filet mignon sliders with bleu cheese and I got a grilled chicken and brie sandwich.  We both had sides of french fries and were so full by the time we drank all of that champagne.  Ugh, lol.

We both got our nails done after lunch and it was the best thing ever.  I  desperately needed to get mine redone because they literally started to HURT they were so long.  I decided to take a break from length and color and went with a short and natural nude color.  Ally got a pink with glitter on the tip.  

Ultimately, I had a great weekend.  A fun Saturday with my best friend and nice relaxing Sunday preparing for the week.  ALSO!  I just have to say I am so excited about daylight savings time.  I love when it like, never gets dark out lol.  It just means summer is that much closer.  

How did your weekend go?  Leave a comment or send a me a tweet!  Thanks for reading.  -Brit.

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