Drinks on Drinks on Drinks

I have to admit, it has been a fantastic week.  I don't know, for some reason it was just really enjoyable.  These pictures aren't in order but what part of life is all the time, right?

I went to Brick House Tavern and had a great drink and shared a few appetizers with my friend.  The drink is one I've had before called a 'St. Bubbles' with the above-mentioned ingredients.  We had 'bleu and white chips' with bleu cheese on them that were super delicious and then some chicken fingers and fries with assorted sauces.  It was just a perfect little meal after some shopping. 

I also finally had my clothes delivered from H&M that I ordered last week.  I am so excited to wear everything.  Half of what I ordered is for spring and the other half is for whats left of winter.  This weather lately is seriously no joke. I hate winter soooo much so I can't wait for warmer temps.

I found this amazing photo of my dad and grandpa (his dad) as well as our old Golden Retriever Rouix (pronounced Roo). The love I have for these people is literally unreal, my family is the best.  I miss my granpda so much and this dog was the best.

Saturday morning I had an eye doctors appointment and before hand I picked up this amazing juice from a place by me called Local Urban Kitchen called 'The Morning Cleanser.'  It is the best pressed juice I have ever had with green apple, lemon, cilantro and ginger.  I plopped it into the snow for a photo opp and wham, bam, thank you maam.

I spent a lot of my Sunday morning looking like I do in the picture on the left.  I was snuggled up nice and warm in my electric blanket and it felt so nice just to chill.  Every once in a while it just feels good.  I took a trip to Target for a few things and found this hilarious sign, something about it just made me stop and take a picture, haha.

I had to stick this super sly photo of the Kahlua milkshake I had into the blog post.  I mean honestly I could have just posted this on its own and it would have been okay.  Kahlua is one of my favorites.

What kind of things have you done this weekend?  Let me know in the comments or send me a tweet.  Thanks for reading.  -Brit.

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