My 25th Birthday!

I literally cannot believe that I am 25 years old.  It is insane to think that I am going to experience the proverbial 'quarter life crisis' soon.  As if I haven't had enough crisis already, LOL.  As far as I'm concerned though, this year is starting out pretty great.  Ever since I made some of the decisions that I briefly talked about in my blog post about New Year goals, I have started feeling the best that I possibly can.  Emotions-wise, health-wise, etc.  

To be honest, it always kind of sucked having a birthday a week after Christmas.  The only thing I can think about now though, as an older person and as I have been getting older, is how awesome it really is.  I don't look at it as, 'Oh this sucks, presents are the same, celebrations are combined, etc.' I look at it as a new beginning, a full calendar year to start another year long journey of my life.  Awesomeness.

Every year on my birthday I always put on the same nail polish: Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday!  You need multiple coats if it's the only thing you want on the nail but I chose to just throw on Pink Pineapple from Revlon which is one of their Parfumiere polishes.  They are adorable and smell so good!  At least some of them do, lol.  Please excuse the random cut I have on my pointer.

The day started with some adorable messages of love from my Aunt on Instagram.  She gets aggressive on Instagram, so this is a big deal.  Gotta love her and that obnoxious as fuck picture she chose of me to include.  Thanks Aunt Kar, lol.  Also, this banana that we found on the walkway to our house when we were getting in the car.  Apparently my brother dropped it in the dark in the morning on his way to work?

There are no edits on this photo but it just looks perfect for some reason.  We started the day by driving up to Ikea.  The closest location to me and where my family is up north is the one in Elizabeth.  I wanted to look at a couple of things for storage in my room.

We started off at the cafe because we were starving.  Look at all the food on my tray.  I honestly promise you that I didn't eat all of this.  I hated the cinnamon roll.  Everyone always says Ikea cinnamon rolls are the best things ever but there was nothing special about it and it was gross to me lol.  I had one half of my wrap and all of the French fries.  It was my birthday, so even if I did end up eating everything, I wouldn't have cared.  Thank you very much.  #NoJustificationREALLYNeeded

Heres my dad just loving his life.

After fielding all of my birthday texts while we drove all the way to my uncles house, we finally got there.  We had some coffee and then I grabbed my cousin and we headed down Route 4 to Garden State Plaza for some shopping.  There was definitely an accident so it took us like 8 years to get there.  So annoying but we eventually made it and then I shopped my face off for my birthday.

Here are a few glamour shots of the drive up to my uncles house.  We pass Newark Airport and New York City to the East.  Can you see the plane and the skyline?

You know I was Snapchatting the day away.  Here are a few of the ones I included in my story.  

Here are a few eXcEpTiOnAlLy* flattering photos of my family at dinner.  We missed my brother as he was working but it was a nice meal altogether.  It was funny, we were sitting there waiting for our food and all of a sudden we saw JaRule enter the restaurant.  My cousin Pat spotted him and now all I have been singing for the past two days is 'Always On Time.'  Oddly, I can't say I'm mad at it.  We ate at Grand Lux Cafe in Paramus at the GSP.  They are owned by the same people that do Cheesecake Factory so you know it was delicious!    

I had a great day and I can't wait to celebrate with my friends soon!  How do you all celebrate your birthdays?  I will be continuing the celebration for the rest of the month :).  I also did a cute vlog of the day that I plan to maybe upload tomorrow or Monday.  Tweet me!  -Brit.

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