Current Candle Crave: SPRING.

I know it's still only January but basically as soon as my birthday passes when January rolls around, I always just wish that we could skip to May.  Because that cannot happen, I decide to make it seem like it does by surrounding myself with colorful, spring/beachy smelling candles.  Recently I popped into Target for some things and I decided to take a visit to the candle aisle and I picked up a few.

I have definitely written about this candle on my blog before because this is the second one that I have purchased.  I was so happy to see this one on super sale when I walked down the aisle.  This is probably one of the candles that actually smells most true to coconut.  When I first saw it I was drawn in by the design of the packaging, it's gorgeous and my favorite color!  Check out your local Target and see if you can still pick one up.  I'm hoping they'll still be on shelves and that they weren't putting them on sale because they're discontinued.  

I really don't think I have to say much about this scent.  I think these are new this year at Target as I haven't seen them before.  I know they come out with their own scents and change the packaging but I definitely haven't seen this one before and it measures up to the 'Coconut Grove' scent that they had I think about two years ago.  I cannot wait to burn these when I'm done with my current 'Lavender Lemon'

Sorry to be annoying about comparing things to Bath and Body Works candles but this one reminds me of 'Spring' from last season and I just LOVE everything about it!  It makes me so excited for the warmer weather.  On the label you can see that I guess it's supposed to be reminiscent of elements in a green smoothie?  I don't know about that.  I just love this and if you love a fresh, herb-y scent you will probably enjoy it as well.

Which candles have you been burning lately?  I cannot wait to burn these and just tell myself that it actually IS spring even though it isn't yet.  Send me a tweet and let me know what you're loving.  Thank you for reading as always.  -Brit.

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