The Joyous (& Not SO Joyous) Christmas Moments #blogmas 22-23, 2014!

As you all know there are some awesome and not so awesome moments during the Christmas season.  Most likely when you're out and about you are more susceptible to experiencing those nasty Christmas moments with people driving like idiots, climbing onto the shelves of the stores, etc.  But with that being said, there are some pretty amazing, relaxing and fun moments that happen when you're home with family, enjoying what the holiday is meant to be about.  This #blogmas installment is all about a healthy mixture of the two of these types of moments.

I'm pretty sure I talked about this already and in previous years on the blog but I am just obsessed with Twisted Peppermint from Bath and Body Works.  I just love the scent because it reminds me of Christmas and one of my favorite things about Christmas, candy canes!  Ugh, just give it a try!  This is probably something very 'basic' of me but if it makes me basic, I don't want to be complex.  Mhm.

Coming in and out of New York during Christmas is always the best treat in the entire world.  If you don't live in the area, I truly feel bad for you.  Sorry, I didn't mean to make that sound mean but I just cannot get enough of the city at anytime of the year but Christmas it's just magical.  There are tons of photos being uploaded to Instagram and Twitter everyday so definitely be sure to check them out (mine perhaps: @brittanyirvine).  ;)  As you can obviously tell the photo on the left is a snapchat that I forgot to save before I posted it of some of the simple but beautiful decorations right off of 9th ave.

Another not so joyous aspect of the Christmas season is the FREEZING cold weather.  Of course though, you have to make the best out of it and thats exactly what I did - with these earmuffs.  I just absolutely love them so much and best part?  I got them at MARSHALLS!  When im waiting for trains on the platform (especially in the morning at about 545am) I just NEED to be warm and these amazing earmuffs do the job, they are plain black and thats ~*aLl iVe eVeR wAntEd.


A specifically joyous occasion around the holiday time can be looking at and the surfacing of old photos!  How adorable is this one of my dad, brother and I?  I just love it!  I recently found a whole bunch of old photos and I was so excited because I didn't think I had ANY.  When my parents got divorced my mom got almost everything, almost all of the photos included, so I had no recollection of any that we may have.  I couldn't tell you how old I am here, I always really bad at judging ages.  I just remember distinctly my dad walking around in this costume and every once in a while asking us to 'oil him' as the tin man had run out of oil.  Hahahha, way to bring Wizard of Oz magic to life.

The left two are photos of how I like to spend my time relaxing, aka another one of the joyous aspects of the Christmas season.  Relaxation is the best thing ever, especially if you have been doing nothing but stressing over everything lately.  

On the top right, you've guessed it, it's a photo of the inside of Olive Garden.  I think I already touched on going here, I know I tweeted about it.  Theres just something to be said about taking the time and going out to eat with your friends.  It just gives you peace of mind when you just sit down, stop the world and download with a great friend/group of friends.  ESPECIALLY around Christmastime.  The bottom right photo is of my favorite pair of booties.  I can't really tell you WHY I decided to take this photo but I just love these booties, I got them from Aldo last season but I don't think I'll ever get enough of them.  Another joy of Christmastime/finding the best in the freezing cold weather - wearing the boots that you love (even if they're from last season).  

I know, I know.  GROSS right!?  When Ally sent me this picture though, I just immediately started dying laughing, I couldn't get enough.  She just texted me saying, 'He was standing outside of Ripleys!!'  Ally and her fiance headed down to Atlantic City for the weekend and I'm pretty sure all she came back with was this photo.  The weekend was more for relaxation and not going crazy, but nonetheless it was still hilarious  and definitely worth sharing with you!  I'm sure she'd beg to differ.    

I just posted about how my house is decorated for Christmas, another joy of the holiday season.  We literally JUST decorated and I was getting nervous that we weren't going to have ANYTHING going on for Christmas which would have made me so sad.  This is a shorter, fake tree but it's really all we had going on for us this year.  It still makes me really excited to wake up and see it everyday though and thats all that matters.  If you'd like to see other decor for Christmas, check it out here.

Now this is just something.  I was in Marshalls the other day and I saw this woman that was literally DIVING into the shelves!  I couldn't believe what I was seeing and I had to get a photo of it.  I sent it to a couple of friends and they were all in agreement - people have lost their minds.  I know around Christmastime everyone does start losing their minds a little bit but this is just out of control.  I guess thats what I get for shopping when theres only about three days left.  

The photo on the right is one that I believe you have all seen already.  I put a cool filter on it and made it my twitter photo, but this is it without the filter.  I just love wearing red lipstick around Christmas because what other time of the year is more perfect?  I have also been thinking about cutting my hair but I don't know if I ACTUALLY want to do it or not.  I know that I will probably regret my decision but I just am DYING for a change!  In February it will be about a year since I last cut my hair and I cut a lot off.  I'm still thinking, eeee!

I live for the lights in Point Pleasant around this time of year!  They are the epitome of Christmas.

Finally, I have some crafting!  I made a gift for one of my best friends for Christmas and I do plan to write a post exclusively about it.  There are a few things that I would have changed and clarified from the original directions, but you will see that when I post it!  The above photo just looks a glittery mess.

I hope you enjoyed this random post about the joyous and not so joyous aspects of Christmastime!  Let me know whether you agree or not and how you're celebrating!  Tweet me or leave a comment and thank you so much for reading as usual!  -Brit.

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