New Year, New MINDSET.

5 Things for 2015

Tbqh, I don't really know where to start with this.  I have been thinking about this blog post for a long time, but I didn't want to start writing it until December 31.  I just feel like this is such a reflective day and to begin writing it anytime before then is just not right.  Thinking about and planning it in my head is one thing, but to literally take my hands to my keyboard and begin typing is another.  I did not want to do so until now.  

I also grappled with whether or not I actually wanted to even write this post.  I still don't really know how open I'm really going to be with it.  There's really something about letting people into the depths of my life that scares the shit out of me and I know a lot of people feel the same way.  Just know that I am certainly not judging you for having that feeling.  With that said, let's get started.

Being that I started this post with 'internet jargon,' that might be a subtle clue as to how I feel about 2014.  Can you feel the tone of this already?  I sure can.  It was the shittiest year I think I have ever had in my entire life.  Even when my parents got divorced in 2006 and when I have almost died multiple times in the hands of my mother as she drove us around drunk as kids were better than this.  I'm getting a bit ridiculous here and I don't mean to be morbid, but it's true.  So rather than celebrating a new year coming along, I am mainly celebrating the departure of this one.

So with that being said, lets get this thing going.

 I really am looking to lean on my friends this year for the support that I NEED to make 2015 the best year that I have ever had.  I am willing to admit, finally, that I don't really make my feelings known and that is what has contributed to being the death of me this past year.  I have my best friend to thank for this.  I've never had someone in my life like Ally.  Although we've been friends for a while, this year, she really helped me realize something: I ALWAYS have a wall up.  I need to let that down and depend on my friends who are here to help me, not just excuse my feelings because I feel like I'm a burden.  I'm not a burden, I just have a wall up.

I cannot wait to make myself the happiest person I have ever been, career-wise, this year.  All I have ever wanted, since I was a little girl, was to be successful in a career and I am BEYOND stoked to make this happen.  Career of my dreams in the city of my dreams, coming right up!

My family is stronger than ever but there are things that can use improvement.  I always influence my brother in many different ways but I hope that this year, I can persuade him to spend more time with us.  He's been doing better with it recently but being that I have such a small family, I try my best to make sure that I spend AS MUCH time with them as possible.

I want to eat better.  I don't really know how many promises that I can make but I just want to eat waaaaaay better than I have been for the past couple of months.  I did so well and lost a TON of weight about two years ago and then life happened and I gained ALL of it back.  Imagine losing 60-ish pounds and gaining it all back after all that hard work.  Eating right is going to be the first step of doing this because my eating habits have ridiculously gone to complete shit.

I don't want to make anything concrete or say anything with confidence, but I want to exercise a WHOLE LOT MORE.  Reason for this?  It's the perfect coupling with eating right and I used to be so keen on running all the time and I just never do it anymore.  I even have a gym membership that I pay for and never go to!  Im convinced thats definitely how those gyms make their money.

Lastly I would like to just include something positive because I feel like often people only state negatives, things they want to change about themselves, or resolutions.  I am so proud of my strength and focus this year.  I have been thrown a PLETHORA of curve balls and my ability to try and remain focused and strong has been enough to show everyone what kind of person I am.

These couple of things are among many others that I want to accomplish this coming year.  Lets not call them resolutions but goals, for sure.  Being that I have been writing this throughout the day, I have finally finished.  I've been opening and closing my laptop multiple times at multiple hours and have been thinking about some of the things I've wanted to include.  I specifically haven't listed ANY blog goals because I have some plans.  What do you want to see happen in your life this year?  Tweet me your goals for the year or comment them below.  Perhaps we can stir up some inspiration.  -Brit.

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