Gorgeous Train Stations & Coldest Day Evvv! #blogmas 18, 2014!

Today was probably one of the coldest days we've had in a while!  It can be assumed as winter is on its way but ugh, I don't know how I feel about it.  I always (every year) say that if January trough March was just deleted from the year I wouldn't be mad.  That being said, I threw on my earmuffs and set out for the day.  Oh, and naturally I guess I had to make myself into Santa too? :)

I hope on the train and headed into New York, this is what I was eventually looking at when the sun finally came out.  This is somewhere in North Jersey, not exactly sure what town.  I want to say somewhere around Hazlet?  I could be wrong.  Freezing cold outside, but really nice looking.  By the time I reach Hazlet the sun is FINALLY starting to come out being that its the crack of dawn when I leave from my station.  

I switched to the the Path in Newark and took that into 9th street which is probably one of my favorite Path stations and the below two photos will most likely explain to you why.  First of all, look at these lines!  Theres just something to be said about the lines and how geometrical everything can look when you stop to look at it for two seconds.  Literally people should just slow down sometimes, it can do the body good.  The 9th street Path station usually seems to be the road less travelled and that might be why I was able to snap this pic (ironically though I was still walking a little).  Once again Brittany, take your own advice sometimes.  Freakin A! 

Please hold for the amazingness that IS the 9th street Path station below... :O

Also, lets take a moment to look at Christmas decorations in the East Village.  I just cannot with all the beauty.  Not only does this look great, but it's just the extra boost of happiness you might need one day.  I certainly needed it today, thats for sure!

Quick little blogmas for you today.  I hope you enjoyed!  I will see ya around for the next one.  Who still has more shopping to do for Christmas?  Tweet me your process!  Thanks for reading.  -Brit.

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