Fab Finds! #blogmas Day 2, 2014!

Hey everyone!  I know we're getting closer and closer to Christmas so you know I had to share some of my fab finds with you!  Recently I took a trip to Marshalls for a quick look around and I just HAD to pick up a few things.  I didn't have specifically anything in mind that I needed or wanted, it was just one of those casual shopping days. I ended up picking up a few things that I LOVE, let me share!

In the past I have fallen for all of the fabulosity that ISSSS Ciate and I cannot blame anyone buy myself for buying $25 nail polish.  As you all MAY or may not know, I stop at nothing when it comes to nail polish (lol).  It honestly IS my pride and joy.  Judge me, go ahead.  Ciate is one of my favorite high end polishes because they alway have something innovative coming out.  Whether it has to do with color or texture, they're always bringing something different to the table.  This specific color is a beautiful, true white with an opalescent caviar look to it, learn more about it in my latest!

The second thing I picked up was this pretty little jar.  The mercury glass look on the bottom is what sold me.  I remember seeing it on the shelf, instantly picking it up and falling in love.  Now the more that I have it in my house I look at it and I don't LOVE the shape, but I keep it because I'm so in love with the mercury glass mosaic.  It's the little things.

This brilliant ideas notebook is just about one of the cutest things I ever did see.  It's a huuuuuge notepad thats perfect for my desk and it's just delightful to look at all day long!  Even if your desk gets cluttered from the papers falling off all over the place, at least it would be colorful clutter! 

Do you guys have any fab finds lately?  I just love sharing mine!  Send me a tweet and let me know.  Also!  Do you LOVE the new blog header?  I think it's fun to switch it up for Christmas!  -Brit.

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