Christmas Eve! #blogmas 24, 2014!

Can you all believe that we have made it to Christmas Eve!?  This is literally insane.  I feel like it's the 'basic' thing to say but every year it comes quicker and quicker and I just cannot even fathom it.

I started my day with this GINORMOUS bug on the door.  It seriously scared the SHIT out of me in the morning when I was walking around the house.  I wanted to get coffee on right away and this is the first thing I saw chillin' by the fire extinguisher. My dad was downstairs in the basement so I RAN down there and told him about it because I just didn't want to deal with it (as the first thing I saw in the morning) and he told me the dog would take care of it before I could even touch it.  I said good thing, 'cause I'm not even going to touch it.

I also finally finished my craft that I planned on giving my friend for Christmas.  I honestly don't like the way it turned out!  I remember mentioning yesterday that there were a few things about the directions that I would change, but I think I would really want to make up the directions completely new, entirely on my own.  I came up with something to fix this one, but when I make another one, there are definitely a ton of things I'm going to change.  Stay tuned and find out, I'll definitely blog it. 

I had a classic come on in the car today so I of course had to Snapchat it and let everyone know *eye roll* I know.  Also, I had to share with you the bread that went with the delicious dinner we had!  It's literally the store brand (baked fresh inside the store) but it is SO delicious I can't even handle it.

All of these amazing ingredients were combined to make a delicious lasagna.  My dad is seriously such a great cook but the apple falls very far from the tree in that department, I suck.  While I was waiting for it to be done, I was dipping the bread into the ricotta and the extra little bit of sauce that was left over.  So bad being that I was going to eat a million calories but hey, I'm not mad at it.  I'm going to be eating and drinking a ridiculous amount tomorrow as well so might as well go all out.

I also had a couple glasses of this [yellow tail] Merlot and it was okay.  I've had it before but it's been a while.  I still enjoyed it, it's not bad for a lesser expensive wine.  I bought another wine for a gift that I spent more money on, and thats when I decided to get one for my house.  Happy, happy!  I didn't have too much tonight though because I just KNOW I'll be drinking tomorrow.  

I decided to go with this Revlon read for Christmas this year in 'Bewitching' and it looks awesome!  I was also loving the company of some Parks and Rec (I'm re-watching the entire series because I already caught up with it live and can't wait till the new season) and Christmas lights while I applied!

I was doing a little cleaning in my room tonight (because Christmas Eve is just THAT low key at my house) and I found these Hannah Montana CDs that one of my best friends Theresa made for me when we were teenagers.  We were OBSESSED with Miley Cyrus, ugh, I can't even.  #childhood

I probably shouldn't be sharing this on the blog just yet because I don't know if she's going to see it, but how ADORABLE are these mason jar shot glasses!? I know she's going to absolutely love these!  They look HUGE in the photo on the box and they are bigger than a normal shot glass, but they aren't THAT big!  Hahaha, although once in a while it is fine to *iNdUlGe* you know, you know.

Finally, here sits everything.. completely quiet!  Waiting for Santa here at the house.  I hope you all have a great Christmas tomorrow, I cannot wait to spend the next two days with my amazing family.  What are your plans for celebrations?  Tweet them to me or leave a comment!  -Brit.

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